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@FRANK Now it just started today adding HRV but sleep is missing. :grinning:

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Yea @frank.jones - this next release will resolve the Garmin HRV/sleep issue:

What happens is that the Garmin payload is

HRV [value] Sleep {null}


HRV { null} Sleep {value}

The fix is in the next release, thanks!


Hi @ScouseScud - thanks for subscribing!

** Can I move my training days? It looks like Monday is the only day you can start your plan on. I often have Monday as a rest day but occasionally have to move days around because life.*

Not yet but this is a future feature. This is also why we will send you your plan in TrainingPeaks so you can do that

  • I saw somewhere else that I need to sort something out so that I can get my plan into TrainingPeaks.

Yea, just let us know which plan you want and we will send it to you on the TrainingPeaks side!

  • This morning, I can get into the app at all. It shows the main photo screen and the throbber just keeps spinning.

That is odd - is your phone connected to data/wifi?

Another thing that works for me sometimes is to close and reopen the app.

Here’s our FAQ too:

I got it past the screen after several attempts of shutting it down and re-starting.

I did a training session today that wasn’t in my plan (as I’d looked to start my plan on 28th), I had thought that as it was on Garmin that it’d sync with Optimize. I have linked Garmin with my Optimize.

Hi all - can someone clarify how you do the workouts now? Today, I use TrainingPeaks to load my workouts to Zwift (inside) or Garmin (outside). How will this work if I subscribe to Optimize? Is there some kind of workout App?

I understand I can email Support to copy my plan to TrainingPeaks, but since TP integration wasn’t the designed plan, I’m wondering how things are intended to work now with Optimize.

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Just bought one year subscription. I’m not understanding how the plans go to trainingpeaks??

I signed up for the Optimization App and annual membership yesterday, and when I went to choose my plan today the app said I have to pay again. That seems incorrect.

When I tried to use the support feature in the app, no keyboard came up to allow me to ask questions. Is this an android glitch?

I want to start my winter plan on Monday, so I need to get this resolved ASAP.

Thank You!

Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now it works. shrugs technology…

Nevermind. I’m still being instructed to pay again.

Send a note to FasCat from within the app. Frank posted the forums are not being monitored by FasCat over the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA.

So yeah, the data that shows up in apple health is not awesome, but apps like athlytic use averages from apple watch, which appears to be much better than what apple health shows. Maybe your app can pull improved averaged data from the watch too?

I got it handled with @Isaiah yesterday. Super helpful. Now it’s time to do the work!


Since you brought it up, I want to share a recent article with you on single daily HRV measurements. Marco Altini is the founder of [HRV4Training] and data science advisor at Oura.

I’ve been measuring daily with HRV4Training for 4-5 years & find the app quite useful. The app uses my Apple phone camera & light. No extra hardware required.

Here is the article link. Happy Trails.


@FRANK : Could you explain how this is supposed to work with Garmin devices and Zwift/Rouvy?

Hi all. I’d still like to understand what the intended route was if it’s not using the TP integration too.

I cant believe this has been released for ios only. No android version available.

Android is available - has been, send us a screenshot of what you see

@Pbase @david.haering - standby for forthcoming training tip!

Pbase - what is your name so we can reference in our customer service records?

David - I was able to find you. Thank you for being a FasCat!

Hi @FRANK - it’s Kevin Miller

Hi, @FRANK - do you have an ETA on a fix for chat in the Android app? It works on iOS but the keyboard doesn’t come up on Android. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but that didn’t fix anything. Also, the Training Calendar correctly shows my training plan when I log into my account but the Optimize tab doesn’t think I have an active subscription, as it only presents the option to subscribe.

Edit: OK, I was tinkering some more. I paid directly through the Fascat website and initially installed the app on my iPad last week. The iOS app is associated with my Google account and works fine, but the Android app doesn’t seem to register the same active subscription. Is there an ETA on a fix for this one, too? It clearly recognizes my account because it displays my workouts and active training plan, but my subscription status doesn’t register.