**NEW** Coaching Subscriptions for $39!

Includes once monthly training plan revisions and power data analysis for $39 with auto renewal. Requires an existing training plan

More details and get started here - let me know if you have any questions!!!

Here’s how your Coaching Subscription will work:

You’ll already have a FasCat Training Plan (any plan really) designed in TrainingPeaks and if you have a question about following the plan, revising the plan or power data, you’ll post your question in our Member’s Only FasCat Private Forum. Once a month a FasCat Coaching will go into your TrainingPeaks account and analyze your power data and revise your plan per your forum post/questions.

Once Monthly Coach Training Plan Revision

If you miss a workout or have a trip spring up, get sick or want to add a race or ride overtop of what the plan has you doing – you can ask a question in our forum and a FasCat Coach will go into your TrainingPeaks account and revise your plan and reply to your post in the forum.

Daily Coaching Support in the Member’s Only FasCat Private Forum

What you get: with over 1,000 athletes who are all focused on going faster, our athlete forum is a great tool to build your knowledge with the help our community and coaching staff. As a Coaching Subscription customer, you’ll be able to have your power data and training plan revision questions answered monthly, that is ONLY open to active Coaching Subscription customers.

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Hi Frank. I already have an existing training plan that I am half way through. I just signed up for the coaching subscription plan. How do I merge my current plan with the subscription plan?

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Yes, read the ‘what you get’ for your subscriptions - you use your subscription with your plan but you have to ask your question in the Members Only area of the forum

I realize this is bordering on hiring a full-time coach, but is it reasonable to have the monthly subscription also include one-time coaching advice given:

  1. Here are my Goals (or A race or A races)
  2. Here is where I am right now and where I have been (via Training Peaks)
  3. How do I get where I want to go?
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Yes, you can ask those questions in the members only section of the forum for sure and we can recommend what plans to do and confirm that in TrainingPeaks.

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How are the forum topics unlocked?

Hi Tim - I just manually added you - it is a glitch in the website. Let us know if you are not in , thanks!

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