Optimization App Discussion (not Customer Service)

Best place to get help is either thru the ⍰ which is a known Android issue getting fixed in the next release (aka this week)

OR email help@fascatcoaching.com

There we will be able to look up your account on the backend and troubleshoot the issue.

Here we don’t even know who you are. All we see is ‘FergusYL’

For the fastest and best support its from help@ or even the chat box in the lower right of our website.

This forum is primarily for your discussion - I wouldn’t classify this the place for customer service rather more community and discussion (although we do some customer service here -just not as FAST)

next release any day now. Apologies for the wait!

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The single payload Garmin issue has been fixed but if you can confirm with your own data @frank.jones then you’ll know for sure!

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Thanks @Frank for the follow up! Last two days have been solid.

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Confirming that mine was fixed too. Thanks!


I have two questions!

  1. I was listening to one of Franks podcasts and if I remember right it was talked about OTS taking into account carb / fuelling during the ride - is this the case, and if so does it pull the data on calorie intake across from Garmin?
  2. if ‘Load’ is a bit like CTL, does it take 42 days to give accurate data (ie does it need your last 42 days of training to give a representative exponential moving average?)
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Hey @matthewsmith -

We have a post carbohydrate survey where you will enter the amount of carbohydrate you ate during your ride to increase the fidelity of OTS. We do not plan on pulling estimate data from Garmin. Look for that feature Q2-Q3 of 2023

Load begins calculating right away - that’s the exponentially weighted par. 42 days is the half life. IOW a data part 43+ days out does not factor into the calculation (mathematically). Of course we know training doesn’t work that way , tho!

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Curious about any anticipated time line for Apple Watch integration: 3, 6, 12 months?

This info would help me greatly with considerations about a new wearable purchase. I’ve signed up for Optimize but don’t have the hardware. So I’m wondering if I should wait, or maybe get a Oura or Garmin watch… (Not a fan of Whoop hardware and their ridiculously high subscription fees.)

Thanks so much.

Apple Watch - end of the year earliest and January at the latest.

I like my Oura

There is also Garmin compatible smartwatches if you want to avoid additional subscription fees

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Thanks so much Frank.

I’ve listened to all the pods, love ‘em. But let’s say I get an Oura and I still keep wearing my Apple Watch (being deep in the Apple ecosystem).

Have you and the developers, or others, figured the optimal ways or settings for using both these devices? What should be allowed to write (or read)? I guess another way to ask the question is if you had both Oura and Apple Watch connected, would they conflict, over-write, or double-write?

In that case you simply would not synch your Oura (or Apple Watch, vice versa)

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Running version 1.1.0 (34)

Time zone: Central Europe (CET)

Still have an issue potentially with time zone tracking 1 day out maybe?

  • in the optimize tab - workouts appear on correct day, wearable data on day before actual (eg sleep from 12th appears as 11th)

  • in the calendar tab - workouts are logged day before (eg workout performed 12th appears as 11th)

Any tips how to get these aligned?


Hi @ChrisSK - as the title in the thread suggests - this is not the place for customer service :wink:

To get that and get it FAST - smash the ⍰ in the upper right of the app , or email help@fascatcoaching.com or use the chat bot on www.fascatcoaching.com

The reason for this is because we can look up your account with your email and customer record.

If I didn’t subscribe to Training Peaks, what would be the method of getting a FasCat workout to my trainer?

UPDATE: Found my answer. The “basic” (free) version of Training Peaks supports downloading/uploading of training plans and presumably zwift sync. Details here - Premium | TrainingPeaks

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Hi Frank,
I realize this thread is not meant for customer service. But I’m not able to type in the support area in the app ? Android user.
So my zwift ride on Wednesday loaded in the app as a ride on Thursday. Just thought I’d bring it to your attention. It was a in “London”.
I’m really looking forward to using the app this season!

Moving my question to this thread to keep things organized!

@FRANK I am finally set up with my whoop strap and have it synced with optimize (stoked to see how this goes!). Curious: how should folks determine their max HR to put into Whoop? My highest ever recorded was 213bpm at a race last summer. But the two under that are 201 and 199. Is the 213 potentially the fluke as I have not come close to hitting it any other time? All of these were from a polar chest strap. I know for workouts we use our threshold HR but that is not an option with Whoop.


I’m really enjoying the Optimize app and all the new rollouts, very impressive.

I was looking through the Optimize app at some of my workouts, and noticed whilst OTS is similar to TSS generally, and a bit higher for my 4 h rides, for vo2 sessions and other high intensity work-outs, OTS is much lower than TSS. (Eg 6 *4 min vo2 interval session 115 TSS vs 74 OTS).

What’s the thinking or math behind this?!

Thanks for the great work on Optimize!

I’m probably a goober, but is there not a way to sync my Optimize calendar to Training Peaks?
Do I have to go to Support each time I want to add/change a plan?
As a peripheral question to that, if I want to do a workout that’s not on the plan, is there a way to add that to TP for then use in Zwift?

You can build workouts in Zwift. A premium memberships to Training Peaks lets you build workouts in TP.

And I think for now you have to get the FasCat staff to load Optimize workouts into TP.

All that said…it looks like Optimize is getting closer to being able to replace both TP and Zwift if all a person wants to do is ftfp on their trainer. The latest Optimize can load workouts into a Garmin. I’m reading a Garmin can control a trainer, which I didn’t know and need to try out.

IF that’s all true, I don’t really need Zwift anymore since 95% of the time I’m only using it as a workout platform.

TP is looking less and less necessary. Its got better post ride analysis than the iPhone version of Optimize. Will be curious what the upcoming desktop version of Optimize does with post ride analysis.

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Just caught up with the last few pod casts on a long drive home from NY to CO, as a software engineer I enjoyed your reflection on the Optimize development process, working on one thing at a time, having to launch an MVP etc. Even with a bigger team it would not necessarily mean more features faster, [Mythical Man Month].

I was also surprised to hear ZWIFT integration is not an open API, that is a feature I use a lot in winter. The Garmin integration is great though on my 530 is just too small to look at most of the time and for out side work outs I mostly will do the work out from memory of its complicated write it down on a piece of tape. The next bike computer I will look for better work features / screens.

There are seasons that line up with life and a full time coach would be great, but for most of my seasons now this is a great option to have some structure along with the flexibility to move workouts around when life gets in the way.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to a desk top / web app version and ZWIFT letting you in = )

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