RE: **NEW** Coaching Subscriptions for $39!


Hope you well and safe.
Would you be kind and review and explain to me what I got in my first time review meets your expectations?
Honestly I do not see that been very useful
Please for once let me know your thoughts so I can understand before I remove myself from this service.

Many thanks

Hey Lucsi!
All is well here, just lots of snow keeping us all indoors on the trainer. :cold_face:

For our monthly coaching subscription athletes, we provide feedback, power analysis and adjustments to their existing plan every 4 weeks. We are always happy to answer general questions here on the forum in between that time, however we are limited to answering detailed training plan questions/giving feedback on your power data within the monthly feedback we give you in trainingpeaks. The more frequent communication is reserved for our one on one coached athletes.

That said, if you are looking for more frequent feedback/communication with your coach, the one on one coaching route is the way to go. With that you get a customized training plan, unlimited email contact, weekly (or daily if you go with kill level) power data feedback, 1-2 calls per month with your coach and we even pay for your trainingpeaks subscription at the chase and kill levels of coaching. The Hunt and Chase levels are great for new athletes who are eager to learn and understand how to train for their goals, such as yourself (which we love to see)!

Hope that helps clarify things a bit!


Hi Lacey
Thank you for the reply and I appreciate YOUR response and your dedication. Very admirable

What I read is the following:
Every 4 weeks a FasCat Coach will:

  1. Analyze your data
  2. Revise your plan (unless you’ve been FtFPing)
  3. Answer your questions

What I got is the following

Few things to note first. Our forum is a place to ask questions and I do hope that it gives you good information, but also keep in mind that as coaches we need to find the line with giving free advise in order to better cyclists everywhere, and make sure that we are not crossing the line of one on one coaching feedback. The more technical the question usually the more we need to see the data, know the athlete, and then cross that line to one on one coaching. So please don’t take it in a bad light, but just know that we are trying to offer what we can but not overstep.
The same applies here. So while I can give you feedback on questions and do basic reviews, I can’t dive deep into your data as that crosses the line of one on one coaching. That said I can still offer advise and what I as a coach see’s in your progression. But if you are wanting more details then please check out our coaching packages.
Now to start remember you are six weeks into your training plan that is 18 weeks long. The magic won’t happen overnight. Every athlete wants to see results, but normally it takes time to see that.
As for your metrics, you have gone from a 52CTL when you started the plan to a 59CTL by the end of the week. So thats a little more then 1 ramp rate. Which is right for a basic plan, but again results take time.
So you mentioned “The TSS as recommended are covered (for some reason most of the time is -1 as the total required). My cadence up by 10-20% so my QA is IV bottom right (high cadence middle pack riding)”
I’m not sure what you mean by “covered”. I know you use a different app correct? I would look into how the settings are on the app. and how that is transferring over. Since our plans use TP, using a different app changes how we can help you. But it could be worthwhile to reach out to the app specifically for tech support. I few things I have also noticed from your app is it does not export GPS or elevation.
As for cadence, you are regularly averaging in the 100’s which is actually very fast. I would actually recommend bringing that down just a tad to targeting mid to low 90’s, this will help with leg strength that is good to build during base phase.
I do believe you are getting stronger but its in the small details with endurance and early season form. So look at HR and how it couples from sets to sets. So if you look at your SS sets, they are progressing in length but your HR to power is getting better even so. You can also compare your tempo efforts this way. Its not flashy but its a big sign of progression.
Your PMC chart also shows good progress of form (which I mentioned also with CTL). If you think you can handle more volume and jump into the Intermediate plan you might find that you are pushed a bit more. But first of course make sure that you can handle that volume time with your life commitments.

I hope that these answers give you some confidence in your training.


Can you see any correlation between what was supposed to happen and what I got?
I do not see data analysis
I do not see a call have been advised - I suggested to call but @FRANK said I am not entitled

But because I did not get a satisfactory answer from @FRANK as no response received I tried to explain that I am a coached client, but instead, I got a link to purchase more coaching.

I am looking forward to your reply on how to stop the coaching, please?

**I honestly THANK YOU for your time and dedication second to none :slight_smile: **
I would request if possible to send me a link on how to remove myself from the coaching as I noted on the forum that YOU @Lacey_Rivette provide far better support to your basic clients than the coached one.
If maybe @FRANK will read this, I would like to tell him that you are a serious asset to the company!!!

Please keep up the great work because I am sure many people old and young are appreciating your work

Best regards

Hello! A fellow customer here. I fear there is something getting “lost in translation”.

Short answer: To me it seems that you have received what the $39 coaching subsciption contains.

Long Answer:

Coaching companies have different levels of coahing services. For $39, you usually get access to forums where you can ask questions, but no personal questions for a coach to answer.
FasCat is one of the only companies I’ve managed to find, that provides personalized service each month.

Please note, that personal access doesn’t mean phone calls or emails. It means that you can leave questions on Training Peaks and they these questions will be answered by your coach once a month. Again: much more, that you would usually get for the price.

If you are looking for coaching services that include phone calls with coaches and more frequent answers, they usually cost hunders of dollars each month. I think that FasCat does offer this level of coaching, it will cost much much more than $39 each month.

As for your questions, I do see data analysis in the response you received. The coach has analyzed how your training load (CTL) has progressed so far. He also has analysed your cadence and has given advices on how to change training. He has also pointed out how your training has effected your heart rate. At the end, he has also provided you options on how to handle the training load from now on.

As for the data itself, the coach can only do analysis based on the data that is available in Training Peaks. The coach has mentioned that the program you are using, might not be fully compatible with Training Peaks as some of the data is missing. With broken/missing data, it makes it harder to do deeper analysis.
Would there be another program you could use to bring data of from your rides to Training Peaks if the current one doesn’t play nice with Training Peaks?

You mention “a call”. As far as I know, the basic $39 coaching package does not have one-to-one calls with the coach. The 1:1 communication happens on Training Peaks and only once a month (again much more that other companies provide for the price).

I have a feeling that the missunderstanding comes from this sentence: “But if you are wanting more details then please check out our coaching packages.”

I think the sentence is missing the word “other” and should be “But if you are wanting more details then please check out our other coaching packages.”

The $39 coaching supscription is one of the coaching packages available for purchase. It’s the most basic one, but with more money, you can upgrade to a more “delux” version of coaching if you feel the need for it.

Hope this helps more than confuses!