Optimization App Discussion (not Customer Service)

Couple of quick questions on the OptApp due out tomorrow.

  1. Does the app suggest workouts? Say, 3 or so that I can choose from.
  2. I see it’s monthly. Is there an annual payment that can be made?

Thanks. Really looking forward to drop day of tomorrow!

You will still have to FtFP @frank.jones - all of our training plans generally have one workout per day to follow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our annual subscription is $299.99 which saves you close to 40%

Optimize_Ad_'Optimize' V3

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any future plans to add in Apple Watch compatibility?

Ok. So I continue to follow my existing plan. The app tells me my readiness.
Looking forward to hearing the details on the podcast.

Oh heck yea. But user beware of your data

You’ll also have unlimited access to ALL of training plans, workouts, meal plans and recipes

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:slight_smile: I will be downloading it as soon as its live!

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We are live :rocket:


Downloaded to iPhone and tried logging into app with my fascatcoaching.com account username/password. Didn’t work. Do I need to create a new account?

all new login credentials

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Can’t find the app on Google Play store. Later launch for Android?

Oh sorry about that @danielbrown - we are pushing to the Play Store next week. Apologies for the wait!

Not a problem at all. A good opportunity to gather more data!

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Can we use Cheetah Loyalty points on the app subscription? I am guessing, no.

How can I connect the Whoop to it?

Unfortunately no. Apologies - I blame it on Apple :wink:

look for that device integration next week or the next.

I have Whoop data flowing well in in a test prototype. Love my Whoop!

Did you listen to our Whoop v Oura podcast?

Connected to Garmin connect but no data came in. Does it just do the connection in the morning? Also, it would have been nice to select a plan start date previous to the upcoming Monday if I am already into; say, the weights.

Right now - only rides you do in the future will upload to our app.

Importing previous historical data from garmin connect will be a future feature.

And yea, you may only begin plans on Mondays and in the future, not the past - also a future feature.

All these features are in the works but one feature at a time for the moment. I/we want to process your historical data and tell you all about it in charts and graphs. But baby steps… :slight_smile:


Any integration / discount for those of us who have hired a coach?

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