Noob needs help getting set up to have training plan play while riding

Hi. Just got myself the Sweet Spot Pt1 training plan.

Here’s the situation:
Going to be training outdoors.
I have a heart rate monitor.
I have an iphone.
I have the training plan loaded into TrainingPeaks (never used it before).

What do I need so I can “follow along” with the training plan as I ride (and have my heart rate displayed and monitored)?

I feel like I’m missing something obvious here?

Surely no one here (except me) will be scrolling in TrainingPeaks as they ride to see the next step on on the day’s plan?

Do I have to upload my training plan to another app that can connect to my heart rate monitor and will “play” my day’s training plan as I ride?

Many thanks in advance for any tips you can share with this noob.

Welcome @gavin.brazg - I suggest to get started going old skool and simply performing your workout with a timer and pedalling harder or easier.

Look at your workout before you go ride and if you have 3 x 10 sst - you know to warm up for 30 minutes pedal in your sweet spot zones for 10 minutes, rest for 5 minutes and repeat. Ride in zone 2 until you get home or reach the end of the prescribed duration.

Once you get that down then you can bring in all the tech and that is 100% up to you - we just design the plans :wink:

A wahoo or garmin bike computer is great to record your data. You can export your workouts to either an d follow along the plan.

You can get a team discount at Excel Sports for those bike computers, and smartTrainers

In the days before things evolved this is how I personally did them.

And one friend even wrote in on the outside of his hand.

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I jest that if you need to write the workout down, its too complicated.

3 x 10 is pretty easy to memorize.

They say cycling is a cerebral sport: and you should be able to remember your workout from your plan to execute out on the road.

Except for our wintertime intensity workouts which are meant to be done on ERG mode


Thanks Malcolm! That’s actually incredibly helpful.


Cheers Frank. Importing into TrainingDay App looks like it’s going to work. If not, I’ll just have to get the brain in gear. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my cry for help. Appreciate it.