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Garmin HRV and Sleep data is flowing like fine red Italian wine (from garmin devices that record sleep & HRV)

Des Yap is a Garmin SmartWatch expert and came on the pod to talk about how well it works, including your beloved Apple Watch :wink:

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I am wearing the Garmin 955. Optimize is reading everything but my HRV. Is Optimize syncing with TP? TP has my data but no HRV. If it’s syncing with Garmin Connect (I thought it was), I wonder why my HRV is not showing up? Sleep is showing up. I will see how it shows the next few days. Build 1.0.4 (29).

Hi @frank.jones - what you just described, indicates to me that it is possible you are not recording HRV.

If Optimize doesn’t ‘get it’ and TrainingPeaks isn’t ‘getting it’ - that points me to your Garmin.

Is it an older Garmin 955?

What does this process look like exactly? Do we submit a request for a training plan through the app, then a coach manually applies it to our TrainingPeaks account or something like that? Or can we apply a plan directly to our TP calendar through the app?

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I get the same thing. HRV shows up in Connect Ap, but not in TP or Optimization. Sometime in Aug, Garmin started importing info directly into TP, but that info has never included HRV. This is what is autopopulated from Garmin into TP.

Looking forward to the desktop version of Optimization as well!


It is showing on Garmin Connect but not the other as @jesse.hawk mentions. The 955 series is the latest.

Weigh will also import but in a separate record in TP.

Hi @jesse.hawk & @frank.jones

We checked out the data payload from Garmin connect and see the problem. Probably the same prob TrainingPeaks is having with HRV as well.

Rest assured your Garmin 955’s are working & we have identified the issue and see a fix! Standby s’il vous plait!
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Great news! I wonder when it is fixed if it will poll past history or just pick up on the day the app is updated?

Several questions came up as I was planning out my progression to Hincapie Chattanooga in May.

  1. The Optimize app only allows me to start a plan on Monday. On TP, I have started them on Sunday due to the fact that I never ride on Sunday. As far as the app is concerned I will always be one day off. :frowning:

  2. The Optimize app only allows 1 training plan at a time instead of the ability to plan out the year? I think I could work around that.

  3. I have the 16 week SS, climbing intervals, and taper in my TP account. It seems that all the plans offered on the website are only available now on the Optimize app. I suppose that TP will somehow be integrated? Or not? Or maybe you are working on another solution?

  4. Are (Will) the workouts on the Optimize app still able to be used on Garmin/Zwift for indoor training like TP?

Sorry for all the questions but my 20 week build begins Monday. :slight_smile:


I just paid for the app for 4 weeks starting out but I can’t find the app on Google and none of the links on the site work either. Is it still not out on Google Play Store?

Hi @FRANK . Still on the same build but noticed something that might be helpful for your programmers. This morning I woke, synced my Garmin watch; and then, did something that I don’t normally do. I checked the FASCAT app. Surprise! It showed HRV but no sleep. Then, after I saw it, it disappeared! Reloaded the app. Now, sleep showed but no HRV. FWIW.

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If I want to use Whoop data, and I already have a whoop, do you know if I have to keep the whoop subscription to get the data into Optimize, or can I just use the hardware and not have to use the Whoop app/integration?


Hi @Anna -

AFAIK, you will still need to stay subscribed to Whoop in order to keep your data flowing.

Hi, @FRANK - just wanted to check back in on this. How do you get training plans from the Optimize app to the TP calendar?

Once you are subscribed send us a note from in app and we will manually send it to you.

We don’t process those requests here

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Do I send a note if I want TP plans to show up in the app also?

TrainingPeaks plans will not show up in the app. There is no integration.

The plans are already in the app for you to apply!

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Question about the training plans. Once a training plan or workout is selected in the app is it supposed to automatically sync to the connected services? When I added a training plan and a few experimental/testing workouts they did not flow over to the Garmin training calendar. How do we get the workouts out of the app and onto our devices?

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@FRANK - I signed up with Optimize yesterday and logged in no problem.

  • Can I move my training days? It looks like Monday is the only day you can start your plan on. I often have Monday as a rest day but occasionally have to move days around because life.
  • I saw somewhere else that I need to sort something out so that I can get my plan into TrainingPeaks.
  • This morning, I can get into the app at all. It shows the main photo screen and the throbber just keeps spinning.