Save 50% 💵 on Training Plans in Optimize this WEEK

Hello FasCats!

Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal has begun. Use FAST50 for 50% off an Optimize Subscription. I highly recommend using the discount for the whole year rather than one month !!

Become a FasCat for a WHOLE YEAR for just $150 and receive

:boom: Unlimited Access to our Entire Training Plan Library, Workouts, Meal Plans and Recipes

You may subscribe HERE !

:calendar: Follow Training Plans in Optimize and/or TrainingPeaks

:fire: Optimize your Power and Wearable Data Visualization

:raising_hand_woman: in App Coaching Support: a FasCat Coach will respond, 1x1, in 30 minutes or less

:man_biking: Discount on Ventum GS1 & NS1 Bikes

:battery:Discount on Stages Power Meters

:money_with_wings: Subscribe 1 Year & Save 34%

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Your subscription renews on a monthly or annual basis

:telephone_receiver: Coaching Call for 3 month subscribers (30 minute consultation)

:moneybag: FREE Month of Coaching for 12 month subscribers (4 week custom training plan + data analysis)

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Pulled the trigger on a yearly plan. Thanks!
A little hesitant to activate it when I already have the app loaded. My monthly plan is due to end mid December. Just to verify. I have canceled the Apple Subscription. Should I delete my present app and connections or just hit activate and it does its magic?

You should be all set @frank.jones to subscribe from the FasCat site.


Sorry for my ignorance. Just hit activate or delete the app presently on my phone and reinstall?

doesn’t matter - both will work

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A few questions, Will we still be able to purchase individual plans?

Can we load existing plans we already purchased and are currently on into the app? I’m a few weeks into my 30week “off season” plan and don’t want to start all over.

I kind of want to get the subscription, but I’ve purchased quite a few plans (5+ I think) over the years that I feel like I would be “paying” again for them even though I know I’ll have access to the entire library of plans.

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Ok, I hit activate and it said that I had claimed this. Opened the app but it did not indicate anything and my Apple sub still stated cancellation. So … I assume it’s good … perhaps after my cancellation takes effect? Thanks for the assistance.

Your yearly subscription has been applied. All set!

The FasCat website does not cross talk with Apple’s app store - two separate entities, one app.

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It would be awesome to load what you have in TrainingPeaks into the app but we do not have that capability. right now.

We are no longer selling plans individually.

There’s more in the APP than we could ever send you one by one in TrainingPeaks. We will be releasing new plans, new workouts (with video) and new recipes starting in December.

Plus new features and technology that we can’t do and release in TrainingPeaks. Hope you will subscribe :muscle:


How does this work with Training Peaks? Do plans still get downloaded into Training Peaks? I have bought several plans and there are only a couple more I have my eye on. It seems disappointing to have to subscribe at this point.

The more I read Frank’s post, the more confused I am. What is the interface between the app and my trainer (Wahoo Kickr)? Training Peaks? Zwift? Does the new app remove us from Training Peaks, a platform I like a lot for analyzing my rides?

Hi @shane.crowe

Per our FAQ:

Q: Does Optimize Synch with TrainingPeaks

A: No, you may follow your plan exclusively from our app :sunglasses: You may request your plan to be shared by us in TrainingPeaks. Send an email to

Do the training plans in the new subscription model also have basic, intermediate, etc levels that were there previously?

yes, from the FAQ:

: What is the difference between the basic and the intermediate plans?

A: The basic plan is 4 – 8 hours of training per week and the intermediate is 8 – 12 hours of training per week. More training will make you faster if you are on the fence :muscle:

Thanks! LOL I need to RTFM. :person_facepalming:

I’ve done a handful of basic plans. I’m now in weights plus base intermediate and I’m digging it. I’m even getting up at 4:30-5:00 AM to get in the 2 hr weekday workouts.