Synching TrainingPeaks structured workouts to Wahoo?

Please forgive my ignorance. I’m trying to synch my Fascat training plan from TP to my Wahoo ELEMNT Roam with no success. I’ve authorized TP on my device and it uploads activities just fine, however none of the structured training on the TP calendar is populating on my device. Any ideas?



Morning JT,

This thread should help you out.

I appreciate the response. Tried everything and nothing works. Contacting support from both sites.

Did you happen to try updating your firmware of your Elemnt? I have found that to work sometimes.

I HONESTLY do not export workouts to my head unit. I just reference the duration, number of intervals and the length of intervals from TrainingPeaks on my desktop before I depart.

After that I manually perform my workout being flexible with myself on time. Sweet Spot 3 x 10 min On 5 min OFF for example. Warm up for 20-30 minutes , cool down equivalently - I improvise riding to and from the climb or spot in the road where I am going to execute my interval work (for example).

Point being - don’t let this prevent you from #FtFP’ing!

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Yeah everything is updated. I got the head unit to receive, so good enough. I’ll be FtFP’ing my butt off regardless. :grin:


FYI Wahoo got back to me today. It’s a known issue that is being worked on.

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FYI recent update fixed the issue.

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