Whats happened to the new 16 weeks of SS plan?

Im obviously not Frank, but I bet I’d say because you are 100% locked into one exact power…which is anything but like real life riding. Real life riding varies in cadence and power fluctuates as you go up and down hills, in and out of headwind. Your body will get really good at that flat power output, but will become less good a stochastic (real life) power outputs.

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Then if thats the case i might as well just go and frreride on zwift with no real purpose.

Does this mean that trainerroad.com plans which are ALL erg workouts are no good?

the question was about long erg rides. Intervals, are different

another I’m not Frank but here are posts from Coach Jake and Coach Frank from 2019:

No, and you are missing the point.

The way I like to think of it - the most powerful mode on a smart trainer is sim mode. Sim mode makes inside much more like outside, much more specific to riding outside. Training in sim mode is where you learn to respond to the terrain and stay on target. Its helped me avoid burning matches.

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Nope. I wrote the question. It was in reference to the weekend erg mode interval workouts such as the 4x10 min intervals that now no longer exist.

I answered nzansons question, sorry you are confused

Easily done thanks hahaha

Thanks for the replays. What i took from them is that there are certainly merits in not using ERG all the time, but nothing about it being “dangerous”. In the absence of clarification from Frank, I’ll assume it’s safe to continue!

No one is going to die :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It may be ‘dangerous’ to your performance. Deleterious, harmful , not beneficial. Here’s how power looks in 3 ride , each 3 hours.

This first one is from the real world (outdoors) from a Sweet Spot TSS Ride prescribed in the 16 Weeks of Sweet Spot Plan on Saturdays:

note the peaks and valleys of the power and how it is not steady, the power spikes, drops in cadence, accelerations - this is real world

Here’s how a free form 3 hours ride (no ERG) looks indoors (this was Zwift) - do your rides like this - note the micro-adjustments

Now, here’s a ride with ERG - note how the power is extremely steady and completely opposite of the above examples. This is non specific - this is what I meant by ‘dangerous’ - this rider in the 3rd example has trouble drafting and riding in the group because he is not good at responding to micro adjustments while riding in a peloton.


Thanks Frank. Understood!

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Micro adjustments is a good term, lately I’ve been saying “power agility” or “cadence/torque agility.”

On the direct-drive Kickrs, you first need to off power smoothing otherwise Wahoo broadcasts ‘perfect’ power - some people actually believe that’s what power should look like. I have no idea what Wahoo was thinking. Even with no power smoothing, power in Erg mode is unnaturally smooth. I mostly ride on perfectly flat ground and can do “erg like” power outside. But this is unnatural and doesn’t feel anything like riding outside.


just stop using TR and use Zwift !


Don’t make me laugh.

Genuine question why not?

If you aren’t using the TR workouts it doesn’t matter which software sends the instructions to your turbo and you get the benefits of unstructured workouts as well.

Zwift is a game. The TR app is outstanding as is their calendar. Why would i want to give up that for a game?

Because you are using the functionality behind it not the gamified features. In ERG mode you are following a graph no matter which software you are using.

If you want to ride on changing landscapes and not use the power ups do it, it feels like riding outside, just the same as Bkool, or Rouvy or RGT the only difference there are more routes you can ride. if you want to race and play the “game” do it.

But various people have given you soloutins and you’ve shot them down in a very belittling way


I’ve used both TR and Zwift, and prefer the latter. Zwift’s integration with Training Peaks makes it the ideal app for doing Fascat workouts indoors. You can do the workouts in training mode, or freeride them ala Coach Jake. There’s lots of varied terrain to explore, which is fun and less tedious than simply looking at a screen w/power data. The game aspect is entertaining too if you want to test yourself in an occasional race. Just my opinion.


I prefer the TR app whilst watching netflix.

Have you tried the Zwift app while watching Netflix? Trainingpeaks has a free calendar.

Unfortunately that’s not possible with the Apple TV.