30 Days goes by so quickly!

Hey @Jake!

Here we are again! Past month has been pretty uneventful. I stuck to the plan like glue (aside from blowing out my TSS on 7/11). CTL is steadily going up up up.

Covid numbers are up in my area so I opted to do more rides indoors this time around. Erring on the side of caution I guess. I probably did too much in ERG mode during the week but I feel like I really nailed the sweet spot work on the weekends.

Only other hiccup is that my knee is feeling a bit sore this week. So I might take it extra easy and skip tomorrows workout since it’s a rest week for me. Going to wait and see how things are in the morning.

I’m guessing that Phil’s Fondo won’t be happening so I might need to readjust my goal. Maybe next month we can talk about that.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Hey Seth!

Good to hear the training has been going well! Looks like it with all the GREEN! Nice work! I find being on a plan really makes the days go by faster. A 3 week build followed by a rest week and you have nearly gone through one month.

Yeah you have done great building up your CTL! You ramped up to a nice 86 over the last block. That is a really good spot to be. Highest point in the year so nicely done with that.

As far as using erg for your sweet spot intervals during the week that is actually fine. The one time you wouldn’t want to use it is if you were doing burst or full gas efforts. Just because you never know what you are capable and you want to feel those out. So like when doing sweet spot burst you might want to take off erg and go at it. Train your body to go hard and then not letting the power up. With erg it does it for you and might hold back the maximal power you put out during the burst.

Looking at your ride on the 22nd you absolutely smashed that ride! Did a great job getting a ton of sweet spot! You actually did nearly an hour in the sweet spot zone, while most of the ride was zone 3/4! So working hard. Did actually 250 TSS in 4 hours which is really hard. On this ride you did have an hour long climb that you did at sweet spot but impressively you basically rode an hour of sweet spot on the flats before even getting to that climb. So way to work hard and keep that pressure on the pedals.

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.20.47 AM

The following Sunday you were suppose to do 45 minutes of sweet spot and actually kind of went over. I would suggest not going too hard on both weekend days. Just so you stay a little fresher for the week. On the Sunday that followed you did a 30 minute sweet spot effort around the Jungle in Zwift, but then did the Alp and over an hour at 83% of your FTP so lowest end of sweet spot. We considering 84 - 97% of FTP your Sweet spot zone. Get a bit more zone 2 so you don’t burn out. And then when you actually do a sweet spot effort make it higher like 88 - 96%. But this is also nitpicking .

The weekend of July 18th and 19th you did really well. Did your sweet spot ride on Saturday and then stuck to zone 2 on Sunday. That would allow you to recover well and complete the last week on before the rest week. The zone 2 ride was on the lower end but you did ride a little longer to reach your TSS and workload which is great! Then the sweet spot ride was good as you rode at the lower end since you know you were going to be at it for 2 hours. That is a really long sweet spot effort indoors!

The ride on July 11th wasn’t terrible. When you decided to ride longer and up the climb you would have benefited from just keeping it at zone 2, especially coming off a race where you were averaging 93% of your FTP. Nothing wrong with riding zone 2, other than I guess it can be tedious. But adding zone 2 time won’t kill you its when you ride harder and then just keep fading till you get done. That is something you don’t want to do. If you are struggle to hold tempo / sweet spot don’t push it, just do zone 2. Don’t over do it. There are still great aerobic gains to be made by riding zone 2. The good thing for you was that on Sunday was only an hour and you kept to it so again it allowed you to recover well before the week ahead of that.

This is the ride from the 11th. This is the slope down we probably just don’t want to see. Just keep the power steadier and hold it. You had plenty of effort in the first event before the climb. Even if you save some early on and then finish off the last 10 - 20 minuets of the climb at a harder sweet spot pace would be good practice! Training your body to perform after 2 - 3 hours.

As far as what to do if Phils Fondo is canceled, there is nothing wrong with doing that plan. It will give you some good intensity and also a great practice run of build up and taper. Then the day of the event you can do your own big ride and test yourself! Find a hard route with some climbing and see how the legs responded to that lead in with the training. Then if there is something we feel like that might benefit you more from tweaking we can do that. Just a great opportunity at a dry run.

Thanks @Jake! Good stuff.

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