Weekend Sweet Spot Group Ride substitute solo workout

Hello Fascat,

I am loving the plan so far, however I was hoping to get some clarification about the prescribed weekend workouts on the SS2 plan. Sometimes I don’t have a group to ride with or prefer to do a structured trainer ride. What are some targets I should shoot for as far as time spent in the SS for one of these longer weekend SS rides if I am solo or if I do it indoors? Details such as IF targets and interval lengths would be helpful. Thank you for the clarification.

Look to hit the TSS target for each of the workout. The harder you ride and more sweet spot you get the higher the TSS will be.

Ideally you can break your intervals up into segments ranging from 10 - 30 minutes in duration. Total amount can be from 45 - 75 minutes, depending on what you are use to. Try to build up from week to week. The longer rides can include more sweet spot. If you have climbs or segments that would be great so you don’t have to look at a timer. When I ride zwift I’ll just use the climbs as sweet spot, or do a lap on sweet spot, lap off. The idea is to not have to look at a timer to keep it more fun and less mental.

If indoors you will want to do a lot more sweet spot so you can get closer to the TSS target in a much shorter period of time. No one wants to ride the trainer for 3 - 4 hours.


Replying to an old post here as I’m doing my first Sweet Spot ride tomorrow but haven’t lined up a group ride. Sorry of this is answered somewhere else, but when we’re not in the sweet spot, what zone should we be targeting?

When not in sweet spot look to ride in zone 2. Try to hold the upper end of zone 2. So in the range of 64 - 74% of your FTP.