Adapting the Sweet Spot plans if I can only fit in 1 long ride on the weekend?

I’m just starting out on the 18 week Sweet Spot plan and know I’m not going to be able to fit in 2 long rides every week that they’re required.

I know nothing’s going to replace them properly but if I could only fit in 1 of the long rides is there anything I can do to adapt that week rather than just dropping it.

Was thinking of possibly adding a bit more time to the shorter week day rides to include more sweet spot time and trying to keep the weekly TSS the same just doing it over 4 rides instead of 5?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Jack!

Yeah you can add some zone 2 time during the week to accumulate more TSS. You just don’t want too add to much where you are fatigued during the week. Best days to add time would be Wednesday and Thursdays. Don’t let adding extra time riding during the week effect your ability to to recovery during the week as that can be tougher with life’s activities.

Mostly I would recommend making your Saturday rides long and include sweet spot. So a big day. Kind of mix of sweet spot and the endurance ride. Then on Sunday I would recommend you mix in some tempo into an endurance ride, that sounds like it will be short. By adding tempo though you will get more TSS. But again this should add up close to the plans original prescribed amount.

Cheers for getting back to me so quickly Jake, it sounds like I’m not too far off then. I’ll just make sure to pay close attention to how I’m feeling and and ensure there’s adequate recovery.