After 18 Week SS

I feel this question must have been covered somewhere so sorry if this is repetitive.

I just finished the 18 week SS base program and quite enjoyed it. I’m a road cyclist with the goals of more power/speed but I don’t race competitively so no hard date to work towards.

Not that we’re coming into nice weather I’d like to use my 2 weekend days for longer rides (I can generally do ~4 hours each day). During the week 1 hour sessions are ideal.

Is there a program that gives structure for Tuesday- Wednesday but then allows for more free and longer endurance rides on the weekend that would still meet my goals?

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Hi @MarkoP - congrats on finishing the 18 weeks of sweet spot.

Tell us how much your FTP increased!

Also if you leave a review on the website you’ll receive a 25% off coupon for your next plan - which I recommend our sweet spot part 4 and then our road intervals.

The part 4 has the 3>4>5 VO2 progression during the week (1 hour) and then longer sweet spot rides with heaps of flexibility on the weekends. Best of both worlds in my opinion.

Have a listen to the podcast and watch the video I recorded about this style of training and the sweet spot part 4 training plan I designed for it!

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Super helpful and thanks Frank! I’m actually supposed finish today with my FTP test but pulled my neck badly on the weekend so still debating if I’ll do a light spin today and test tomorrow or just test later today. But I will update and then get going on the SS Polarized 4 plan.


EDIT: Never mind…figured it out.