Weight Lifting for Cyclists Training Plan

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Squat Rack REVO

Since we talked about timing as it relates to training last week, this time is all about the timing of strength training/weight lifting for cyclists as it’s the perfect time to get started on that. In this episode, Coach Frank breaks down the FasCat 10-week strength training for cyclists training plan, and how to use it most effectively. We discuss:

  1. The fundamentals of our strength training philosophy and the three main exercises for this program
  2. The 4 phases: Adaptation > Hypertrophy > Strength > Power
  3. What to expect going through the plan and how to approach each week

Don’t get behind the curve and start strength training when it’s too late!

Training Tip: https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/weight-lifting-for-cycling/

Last year’s Podcast: https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/resistance-training-for-cycling/

Nino’s Circuit Training: https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/ninos-circuit-training/

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I bought this plain, and put it in my training peaks, but can’t start it now, can i change the date?

You should be able to change the start date in TrainingPeaks. I might have to unapply the plan, click on it again, chose the date you can start and apply.

Excited to start this plan in a few weeks!

Tip for holiday travelers - Planet Fitness has a ton of locations and you can get an unlimited membership with access to all of them for $22.99.mo (plus a $39/yr fee) cancel any time. There is one near my house as well as where I’ll be over Thanksgiving and Christmas so its an easy way to take the lifting in the road.


Hey Jackson,
Thanks for putting this together and to Frank for the podcast. The podcast was very helpful and clarified a few points. I’ve started in on this plan this week and have a question regarding the hour of zone 2 riding that is part of the plan. I wondering why the TSS for these rides are not included as part of the plan in TrainingPeaks. Depending on the phase, these represent another 3 to 4 hours a week of riding.

thanks again for all the FasCat coaches do. Hope your move is going well.

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It should be including. All riding TSS should be including. I’ll take a look at it.

I picked up that balance board suggested for Nino’s Circuit…

That thing is a blast, I don’t know if it will help me ride better or cut into the time I spend riding but I fooled around for an hour easily last night before tearing myself away.

Thanks Coach Jake, the riding I’m referring to is the warmup and cold down, usually 30 minutes each which would add up over the week. Should have clarified that in the original post.

Thanks again,

Yeah if you feel good after 10 minutes warm up cool down that’s fine. Ideal world 30 minutes is good but for most the time does add up a bit too much during the week.

I perform strength training all year long 2 a week avg 560,000 lbs between including all exercises currently use your training plan, with that being said should i perform the strength base training for the same 10 week duration ?

The adaptation phase is just getting use to the weight, which obviously you wouldn’t need to do. However you can complete the muscle tension intervals that is during this phase on the bike.

Then you could do the specific hypertrophy, strength and power phase of lifting. And more importantly along with that the sprints and standing start workouts that are the on the bike strength workouts that go with the work in the weight room.

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Great feedback Jake, that will definitely be a good use of my training time instead, I appreciate you


Question, I’m about to lock in an off-season plan and was unsure if the 16-Week Resistance Training + Sweet Spot also contains the same 10-Week Weight Lifting for Cycling plan before getting into Sweet Spot workouts.

Can you clarify if these plans are different? Should they be used sequentially?

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Correct @kylec_martin - the 16 week Resistance Training Plan + Sweet Spot is a bundle and therefore discounted version of these two plans in this order:

Amazing. Thanks for the quick reply Frank. I’ll take a look and make my selections accordingly!

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Does your PF have an actual squat rack with freeweights?

Smith machine but no free weight squat rack. Not ideal but its saving me a couple hundred dollars and I can lift while traveling.

Dear Frank and FasCat coaches,

I’m very excited to be on your Weight Lifting for cyclists plan, but have a few questions.

Yogaglo.com doesn’t seem to be working for me, do I have the wrong link? Is there a certain type or practice of yoga that you recommend instead is I can’t get this working?

Am I supposed to have a training peaks premium account for the duration of the plan? Or just the 1st week free?

Does the 1RM for squats include the weight of the bar (45 lbs) or does your spreadsheet account for that? Example my 1RM was 225 (180+bar), so do I plug in 225 or 180 for my 1RM?

So far I am loving the plan, so thank you!! Looking forward to continuing to listen To your podcast and follow your plans, and get a lot faster!!


First the yogaglo expired for us. It was available when the plans were designed.

You do not need a TrainingPeaks premium account. Everything you need is available with the free account.

The 1RM is suppose to include the weight of the bar and the spreadsheet does not account for that. So you will need to put that in.

Glad you are enjoying it all! If you have any other questions just let us know!

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Good news!

YogaGlo is alive a well - they rebranded to Glo.com - the links and coupon code still work Use FasCat60days for your FREE 60 day YogaGlo membership here: https://www.glo.com/promo 22