Weight Lifting and Gym

I purchased the 16 weeks of resistance training with sweet spot that I’m scheduled to start in November. I was really excited to get into the gym and build muscle. However, here in MN we have seen a considerable spike in Covid cases and my family is not comfortable with me getting a gym membership. I’m not going to sacrifice health and safety of other for on the bike performance. I have really been enjoying getting ready for the foundation work with core and yoga twice a week prior to the foundation plan that I’m starting in two weeks. I’m learning proper form and poses before I get into the plan.

I know the importance of weight training to increase performance… I have dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, balance board and a stability ball. I think adding a viper tube is going to happen, but as for my 16 week resistance plan with weight training, I think I need to change my plan for later November into spring. For what its worth, I know I am leaving watts on the table by not having hardcore strength training built into my plan. However, this will be my first year where I focus more on building core strength in the fall and winter more than I ever have done into my 2021 program. Please advise on recommended change for a plan from November into spring that incorporates core strength work and bike. Even building core strength is better than not building any strength that will translate to even a slight increase in performance.

They @jhenkemeyer77 have you seen our most recent training plan that coach Frank developed? It has all you need to do your strength training at home!

He just podcasted on it as well!