Weight Lifting for Cycling -- Limited Time

Hey everyone!

I’m on a pretty limited schedule being a new parent and running a business – would you say that it would it still be worthwhile to engage in the Weight Lifting for Cycling plan even if I only have ~4hr/week (~1hr/day) + one long ride on the weekend?

Or stick with my base building and sweetspot Fascat plans?


Hey @ianricher,
Glad to see you back on the forum and to hear you are planning out your training!

If you can squeeze in resistance training along with your SS base and race specific intervals in time for the events you have planned next year, we highly recommend doing it. That will reap you the most gains.

The basic version of the weight lifting plan will have about 1 hour and occasionally up to 1.5 hours on the weekdays. Mondays and fridays are rest days. Considering your schedule is a little limited, I would recommend signing up for a monthly coaching subscription so one of our coaches can work with you to adjust your training plan to fit your needs.