What are the differences between SS1 vs. SS2

Hi Coaches,

I’m a bit confused because of the conflicting answers I’m getting from different coaches here.

Need to know if there are huge differences between Sweetspot 1 and SweetSpot 2 plans?

I have the 16 weeks (weights+base) in the past I was told the Base portion is SS2.
However in the weightlifting thread Weight Lifting Thread Coach @FRANK posted a link to SS1.

With no racing in sight for the unforeseen future, I dont want to leave any Watts on the table. So based on the answer above I’ll have to either purchase one of the 2 plans.

Thank You Coaches

Sweet spot 2 just builds upon sweet spot 1 with longer efforts. So the weights + base plan goes from weights to sweet spot 2. So you would need to purchase sweet spot 1 and apply that plan to start the week after completing the resistance training. While moving the last 6 weeks of the weights + base (sweet spot 2) to the end of sweet spot 1. You would also need to add a rest week a before the start of sweet spot 2 plan. Just copy the previous done regeneration week.

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