Ideas for next plan!

Hey everyone!

So I’ve recently finished the “corona plan” and “Sweet spot 1-4” with the intentions of building for the fondo season and some hope of a late race season. As we all head into the winter months I’m kind of in the dark regarding the off season and building mode of the season. What ive learned so far it seems the next logical cyclist based plans for me are “indoor/outdoor for smart trainers” or “indoor cycling”. With that said, i feel like what ive read that this might lead to burnout in the winter months, and possibly a diverse weight and base plan might make more sense. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Ok awesome @brandonalves - those are all good plans and I/we do recommend you repeat them again in 2021 but after you lift weights.

Build some muscle, train it to produce great force and then make it cycling specific with the “Power Phase”

We have two weight lifting plans this year:

#1 our tried 'n true 10 week - in person (at the gym plan

and #2 a 12 week at Home plan - this plans requires an investment in a the ability to do squats, kettlebells and ViPRs

Hope that helps -

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Hey Frank,

Thanks again for the reply. With that being said id like to move forward with a gym program, but financially what does that look like in terms of gym use? Should I be looking long term or is this more of a 10-16 week window every year that I use for building?

Hi @brandonalves - I see that you got on the 10 week ‘in person’ plan - giddy up and FtFP!

Hi @brandonalves - I see that you got on the 10 week ‘in person’ plan - giddy up and FtFP!