Team Deal with ExcelSports

Hi FasCats -

I want to get your feedback and customer satisfaction with the ExcelSports Team Deal we have set up.

Can you please fill out this poll and provide any additional feedback in this thread particularly how much you’ve spent at Excel, how often and also if you’ve bought a gravel bike from them - the Cervelo Aspero.

Thank you - we are working to make this opportunity a win-win for everyone because really does sell ‘all the good stuff’ - brands like garmin, wahoo, cervelo, pinarello, GU, Panaracer to name a few.

  • < $100
  • b/w $100 - $500
  • over $500
  • I bought a Cervelo Aspero from Excel!
  • I’m a repeat, regular online customer
  • I don’t getting deals

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I’m a big fan of the partnership you have with Excel and use it whenever I can. I would still shop with Excel regardless, I did prior to this partnership at least and have never had a negative experience. About the only reason I don’t shop with Excel is they don’t always have what I need whether it’s no stock available or they just don’t sell what I’m after.

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Thanks for setting this up, and I’ve received some good discounts. Some products have little to no margin, and there is no discount, but even then Excel always has great prices. With this deal I’m definitely more loyal to buying Excel.

I’m interested in the Aspero and plan to test ride one locally in the next month or two.

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Excel sports is top notch. I bought a Cervelo Aspero earlier this month and received not only a great price, but everything was delivered exactly as ordered. I have also bought several other items and have always been 100% satisfied. @bsquared buy the Aspero as you will not be disappointed! Great bike!


Thanks for the feedback - let’s get some more please - VOTE VOTE VOTE :slight_smile:


A great partnership. I am really happy with Excel and will buy from them again!

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Excel has become my first place to get products. Tough to beat their prices and inventory with the FasCat discount.

And while I didn’t buy an Aspero from them, I did buy a Niner RLT RDO frame from them.


Frank - I buy almost everything from them. I’ve gotten a whole bike (Cervelo R5) and lots of components using your discount. Sometimes the amount is unbelievable. I try to buy there first. They have a better stock of Cervelo bikes and components than anywhere else I’ve looked.

THANKS for putting this together!


I super pleased with Excel Sports. Their customer service is top notch and I use the FasCat discount for almost everything. Thanks Frank et al for making this happen.

Same here. Great service from Excel. I check out Excel first and several times bought the whole order when some items were not discounted.

I made a post about this before, I tried ordering a few things from tires to a frameset and they did not give any discounts.

I think that’s because the price listed was as low as Excel could go and if they discounted any further they’d lose money. So great price for everyone not just our team.


I’m a big fan. I now go to Excel first before looking at any other shop. Great service and the deal means they get a ton of business from me that would have probably gone elsewhere.


Thanks for the discount!


Ready to throw down the watts!! :boom:


I bought a Cervelo Aspero from Excel as my first gravel bike and have also returned to buy components for my road bike as well. I will be a repeat customer. I tell my friends about them and encourage them to check out their website. The customer service has been top notch every time I have called.

It’s been hit and miss.

Sometime the discount is literally 2c and other times worth while.

Takes some trial and error to find the best deals.

One good point is that they are very quick to reply with the discount invoice.

I purchased a KICKR Core at a very good discount and have been quoted good prices for a future purchase. They have been very quick, informative, and helpful.