Order your FasCat Jersey and Shorts here [from pearl Izumi]

Dear FasCats:

Our Pearl Izumi FasCat Jersey and Shorts is ready for your orders here! Inventory will be limited we are on a first come first serve basis. I’m letting forum users know the FIRST!


This is a pre-order so you can place your order now and we will ship them to you on March 12th. If you don’t see your size on the website, it means we sold out; so get on this order early. Medium and large tend to go first. Of course I will re-stock :slight_smile:

Note: there are two different jerseys: The lower cost ‘Attack’ ($100) or the tighter race fit ‘Pro’ ($155) . There is only one type of bib short - the ‘Pro’ level @ $240 - and the chamois is the BOMB.


Are these in Men’s cut/sizing? Thanks!

Do you ship these internationally? To Europe?

Hi @hannahmarshall - see the sizing chart on the web page. These are unisex jerseys** but not women’s bibs, sorry.

** but not women’s jerseys either - again apologies

We will but right now our website is not set up to take extra postage so you will get a GREAT deal. As soon as my developer can wok this in we will start taking international postage.

IOW postage is FREE while it lasts :wink:

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So that means i can place the order now? Even if i live in Europe?

I may be late to order. Are the largest sizes offered Large?


Do you guys stock XL, or is Large as big as you go?


We have small - medium - large only. Sorry no XL’s.


Sent an email but haven’t got a response yet.
I have 2 questions regarding the kits:

1- Have you started shipping them yet? Since on the website it says the shipping date was expected to be the 12th of March?

2- Once you ship them, will you provide a tracking code so we can follow the package?


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Good morning @brunocfeijao - I shipped them on 12th as promised. Shipping was free for your to Portugal so there is no tracking number.

Tag us @fascatcoaching while you are FtFP’ing and thanks!

Ah ok. Would be nice to have a tracking code so i could see when it is supposed to arrive, but no worries.
Thx for the info Frank.

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For a tracking # to Portugal that would have cost you $25. Keep FtFP’ing and it’ll be there

:ok_hand: :+1: :muscle:

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Hi Frank, just wanted to let you know i received my pro fit jersey yesterday and unfortunately the medium is way to small. I’m 6”0 160lbs and mediums usually fit me pretty well. I have a long torso so length is sometimes an issue. This jersey didn’t even go down to my belly button in the front and was unbearably tight in the shoulders/chest :grimacing:. I dropped it off this morning at USPS for return. Would you recommend I go with the Large race fit or try the medium Attack jersey? Thanks

If you find the same jerseys on competitivecyclist, a lot of people put their h/w in the reviews of products and you can get a sizing hint. Not everything has reviews but most major brand items will have a couple.

Hey @Bret_Smith yea, the Pro jersey is definitely a ‘race cut’ which is cycling apparel speak for tight AF.

They are tailored high in the front so when you have your hands on the bars you don’t have a bunch of zipper flapping around.

The Attack jersey is a looser less race cut fit and then fabric isn’t as mesh as the Pro Jersey but it does sound like large would fit you better. Just let us know here - thanks for your support - hope you didn’t return the FtFP stickers, ha!

@FRANK Let’s go ahead and just exchange it for a large pro mesh. The Pearl Izumi race cut is by far the most tight AF jersey I’ve ever put on. Lesson learned for future purchases :laughing:. I did keep the FTFP swag. You should get that return either today or Monday. Thanks for the quick response. Ride on! :leopard:

Hi @FRANK, I just wanted to verify you received that medium pro mesh jersey that I was going to exchange for the large pro fit? I sent it 2 day priority via USPS on April 18th. Thanks. :leopard:.

I’ll take a look in the mail today - delivery has been super slow we have noticed.

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