Cervelo Aspero Sizing

I noticed that all the FasCat guys and gals ride the Aspero frames and I am curious if everyone sized down or rode the similar size as their road bikes. I am interested in one but torn on sizing. I normally ride a 58 but the 58cm Aspero has a very long reach and tall stack and the TT is longer than what I normally ride. The 56 stack and reach seem more in line with what I am used. I am leaning towards a 56 because I think that nimble handling might be helpful on gravel…I am new to gravel as well. So curious if the Team at FasCat has any feedback.

Thanks for the help!

I ride the same size gravel bike as I do road bike, 56cm - in my opinion there is no difference in the bike fit.

But speaking of bike fit - ask you friendly local bike fitter what they think - perhaps you’ve gotten a bike fit before? They would have your measurements and can answer better.

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Im like Frank I ride a 54 cm road bike and rode the 54 cm Cervelo Aspero. It felt good to me and not too big at all. In fact I had to put a longer stem on than the one that came on it.

I would see if there is a bike shop around you could check with or bike fitter like Frank said. I know I have had a team bike that was too big before and after one ride knew immediately I needed one size smaller. It was very uncomfortable. The smaller one felt better immediately.


Thanks for the reply Jake and Frank. I have my fit numbers pretty dialed as I work with one of Cobly’s fellow Hogg Fitter Jerry Gerlic in Austin but was curious if anyone had any thoughts on sizing.