New Gravel Bike?

All, I thought I would post this question in hopes of getting some advice on which Cervelo Aspero model to buy. I am going to use my Fascat team discount to buy it through excel sports but since I am new to the gravel scene I thought I would go to the experts.

I really like the Aspero model for two reasons. A) Where I live we don’t have gnarly gravel routes. They are for the most part road/gravel mixes with rolling terrain or short punchy climbs B) I could easily use the Aspero as a back up road bike with a different set of wheel/tires.

I don’t see myself doing a ton of gravel because but I am looking for something to break up the seasons and have a bunch of fun with my friends. Until the gravel bug bites me of course! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can pass my way!

Here are the three models that fit the budget:

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Awesome @PowerHungry - you will LOVE the Aspero.

Its fast and light like a road bike and can handle big volume tires** should you decide to take it off road. IOW you can use the Aspero as your road bike if you put on 28/30mm slicks.

**You may also put on up to 40-42mm tires for races like DK. AND if you want to really get rowdy you can also put a 650b wheelset on it and the bike essentially becomes a hardtail dropbar mountain bike. Lots of configuration options but above all the reason why I like the Aspero is bc its light and fast like a road bike which is primarily how the gravel races we do play out (like a long road race)

The Aspero’s in these links are all the same frame - its the Shimano components that different.

The 105 GRX 600 is heavier yet cheaper
the GRX 800 is Ultegra level which is lighter than the 105 600 yet $1000 more.

Both frames weight 900 grams (or thereabouts). You will like either AND you can also call ExcelSports 800 # and ask a salesperson if you have more q’s.



Thanks you Frank! I am leaning towards the GRX 800 model to have a little bit of a component upgrade but was also interested if any of the wheel sets on the builds were worth it as well. Sometimes its better to ask the guys/gals that are really putting the equipment through its paces. Thanks again!


Big shout out to @FRANK for the recommendation on the Aspero and for negotiating the discount with Excel Sports. I took delivery of my new Aspero gravel bike from them on Friday and was able to get a nice 43 mile gravel ride in over the weekend. I know there were some “New Bike” watts being generated but what a nice bike. Honestly, felt like my Tarmac on the climbs and even with the 38 tires it could easily handle the gravel we see here in Ohio. I ended up splurging on the Force model as that is what is on my road bike and I can easily swap wheels if I need a backup bike for the road. Looking forward to mixing it up over the winter. Thanks again!

Pictures of your new rig or it hasn’t happened!

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So true! I just realized I only took one pic and that was before I got it all set up. Will need to snap a better pic when its surrounded by its natural habitat! :slight_smile:


“it’s a beaut, Clarke” - Gravelkings too!


Ha! One of the best movies of all time!!! :slight_smile:


Just been doing some online reading here and a few have mentioned the sizing. The TT length is the same as my 56cm build Rourke and when I sat on it I was quite surprised at how large it felt. Certainly plenty room to move about, and every bike I’ve had was a 56 (or custom which ended up 56 lol)

I don’t think I would have any worries about the 54 but wanted opinions from folk who own them. I imagine the reach on the 56 would be very long.

BB is always an issue for me, I somehow tend to kill things.
Would prefer threaded but my road has BB90 so if I can live with that I can live with anything.
Lifetime warranty on frame regardless

Hello, i used this website to help me decide which Aspero would be best for me Compare - Bike Insights

I am a tall rider and ride a 61 cm Venge (2020) and after comparing on the bike insights website I choose the 58cm Aspero which is a perfect fit.

The Aspero is a great bike as well!

Hope this helps!