FasCat Team Discounts @ ExcelSports.com

Big News ! ! !

We’ve partnered with Excel Sports.com for a FasCat Team Discount!

Follow these instructions below, select “FasCat Team” from the dropdown menu to get a quote with your discount. (the quote with discount will be emailed to you after you submit your order - then you’ll know how big the discount is or isn’t. Some items have larger discounts than others.)

Instructions for FasCat Team orders at Excel Sports

Submit a quote to see your discount:

  1. Select items, add to cart and proceed to checkout on www.excelsports.com

  2. Fill out all billing and shipping information and use a valid credit card - AMEX, Visa Master Card or Discover.

  3. Directly under the Credit Card submission field there is a pull-down menu - “How did you hear about us?” Select FasCat Team Member .

  1. Fill out credit card info but your card will not be charged yet .

  2. Your order will be sent in to Excel Sports, prices will be adjusted (items at cost plus, margin based).

  3. After prices are adjusted, a quote is sent to the email address that was submitted on the order.

  4. The quote has original prices and the new adjusted prices for comparison.

  5. Team member may then deselect any or all items.

  6. After pricing has been reviewed and, in some cases, items deselected. You click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

  7. Once the submit button has been clicked the order comes back to Excel to be processed, card charged, and order shipped.

  8. Packages are normally shipped same day (discounted shipping rate is posted in quote).

  9. Credit Cards are not charged until quote is accepted, all quotes may be cancelled at any time.

Side notes:

  1. If orders are placed before 3pm MST (Monday-Friday), they will almost always ship same day.

  2. All purchased products still have manufacturer’s warranties.

  3. Items may be returned or exchanged within 60 days if unused and in original packaging.

  4. Any questions should be directed to: drew@excelsports.com.

Showroom Ordering Instructions for FasCat Team Orders

  1. Enter showroom and give sales person the rider name on the account “FasCat Team”.

  2. Pricing can be worked out directly at the register, process is quick and efficient.


This is great! “Membership has it’s privileges!”

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just a reminder everyone! Excel Sports sells all the good stuff! di2, eTap, Enve, Panaracer, Mavic , GU, camelbak, etc… They are like Competitive Cyclist but even better.

We partnered with them rather than a Bolder bike shop bc Excel Ships everywhere in the world - to you, and you get a discount with your training plan purchase. Enjoy the savings :moneybag:


Thanks for the savings

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Excellent! I order from Excel quite often and the discount will be much appreciated.


Appreciate Fascat and Excel for this. Already took advantage of it and have been happy with previous purchases from Excel.


@FRANK Thank you for the talk earlier this evening. I went on ExcelSports and purchased the 2 items you recommended. I look forward to continuing with my plan with a little less discomfort.

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Hello! I am trying to checkout with paypal payment method and give me the following error " Error 500 - Page Not Found" is there a way to work around this?

You could email Drew, he’s been quick to respond to me in the past and friendly. drew@excelsports.com

Thanks! Got a good deal on a Kickr Core.