Cervelo Aspero Trail Mixer flip-chip

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Aspero’s flip-chip in the fork which is meant to keep the trail measurement consistent when switching between 700cc and 650b wheels. I’m seriously considering an Aspero and among other things one of the features I like is the ability to swap wheel sizes/tire widths to make this a do-all bike. Not sure whether it’s gimmicky or actually works. It looks like you have to change the brake mount when flipping back and forth and I’ve seen one post about it causing some kind of alignment issue but that may have been a one-off experience. Wondering if anyone else has used it. Thanks, Andy

Our gravel team road Aspero’s last year and we never switched the rake. We did interchangeably use 650b and 700c wheels but kept the rake setting on the fork the same.

The setting makes the bike longer, as I understand it has nothing to do with 650b wheels fitting or not

Thanks Frank. My understanding is that it’s meant to keep the trail consistent across different wheel sizes. In any case did you guys find the Asperos handled well with both 650b and 700c wheels when keeping the rake setting the same?

yes we did - saw no reason to make the switch - aka marketing gimmick :wink:

Good to know, thanks Frank. Looks like I’ll be going for it.