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Hey FasCats - our annual Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale is live, right now! You should have received an email this morning. Sitewide 50% off ends midnight Nov 30th (Cyber Monday)

Use the code FAST50 - includes winning in the kitchen meal plans and the remaining inventory we have for our cycling jerseys and bibs.


Where can people find the jerseys?

They are here:

the only problem is that I haven’t figured out a way to ship outside the US with COVID restrictions and the increase in shipping costs…

Hi Guys, I bought the Base + Weights Program last year and i think it ends with SS 1+2 plan. Can you confirm so I can purchase 3+4 / the complimentary plans? Thanks Dan

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Hey @danielbrown - your weights + base plan has sweet spot part 2. So you 3 + 4 and #1 if you want to complete the set :muscle:

Perfect, thanks Frank.


Thanks Frank! :slight_smile:

I already bought 2 plans :smiley:

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I’m thinking of buying a plan, but don’t want to start it immediately… Is there any way to buy it but start it at a later date if I’m not an existing TrainingPeaks subscriber?

Love the Podcasts by the way.


you may start your plan anytime you wish (choose date as shown below) and they are yours forever to repeat over and over

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Bough another one today! SS4 - Polarized :smiley:

I am half way SS1 but loving the structured workout.

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Awesome! What is the riding like in Macedonia?!

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It’s perfect coach! Especially between April - November we have full summer here, but after November we have very cold winters, going like 20 Fahrenheit up to late February and mostly we ride at home, on Zwift.

The roads are fairly nice, our country has a LOT mountains so we have great roads for hill training, but as soon as winter hits here in Skopje the main capital is hectic, too much traffic …etc so i stick to Zwift :smiley:

I have scorched the internet of finding good coaches and great community as FasCat, am glad that i found you guys! :smiley: Keep up the good work and i will for sure apply for coaching subscription!

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Awesome - I am going to follow you on Strava just because I love seeing where other athletes ride around the globe.

Coach @Jake has a Zwift MeetUp the 2nd Thursday of each month to hop in to!


This means a lot to me! I followed you back :blush:

I already followed @Jake on strava but i missed the Zwift meetup this month because of the time difference :slight_smile: but i will be up and spinning the next one. :smile:


Good morning coaches, me again :grimacing:

I have rather interesting question and i don’t want to do ‘wrong’ transaction of payment.

Can i apply FAST50 for a Annual Coaching Subscription or this is just for training plans only, when i put the code down it calculates those 50% off but i don’t want to miss something :smile:

Thanks team.

Anyone available that can address my question ? :smiley:
I don’t wanna miss the 50% promotions but if annual coaching subs isn’t under that it’s completely fine by me.

@zdrave it is!! :+1: :muscle:

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OMG! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

Thanks coach Isaiah for the fast anwser! :sunglasses:

First thing tomorrow morning i am subscribing for annual coaching subscription and see how it goes! Psyched! :slight_smile:


I’m starting my at home gym program December 7 after completing fall foundation (which I really enjoyed). I plan to do some sweet spot afterward but I’m not sure which one to start with. I’m hoping to have a peak around mid July to august (still waiting to see how the race schedule shakes out this year). When should I start the criterium intervals plan in relation to when I want to peak? If I don’t have time to make it through all of the sweet spot programs, should I skip ahead to part 2 or part 3 to get ready for the summer? Trying to figure out the best way to use the different sweet spot parts. Thanks for your help!


nice. Looks like that gives you roughly 35weeks till the start of August(-a few for July). With the at home gym plan that will give you 25weeks to play with. With that much time I would do all three sweet spot plans with our 18week SS plan. which gives you 7weeks to do the Crit intervals plan and taper. For crits its a good idea to do give yourself a couple race window to peak for.
If you want to give yourself more leeway time or an earlier peak window then yes I would go with sweet spot part 2/3.

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