Exporting Your FasCat Training Plan to Zwift (its so easy)

FasCat Coalition Members!

I updated our ‘export your plan’ training tip since we are into the indoor riding season. Once you synch your TrainingPeaks account to your Zwift account your daily workout will appear in Zwift for you to simply select and pedal. I am loving this feature.

Variable power is the name of the game!

Helpful hint: if you make your own workout or import one from somewhere else. Make sure you put something in the title or it won’t sync with zwift. I had a buddy last year sharing some workouts with me but they had no title, it took me forever to find out that because it was missing a title it wouldn’t sync.

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Does this work for Trainer Road?

I’ve done this a couple of times so far and it really is easy to do.

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you can export all of the workouts to trainer road, its just a slightly different way of doing so. Still pretty simple though.

I would be interested to hear your method. Per Trainer Road this is not possible.


‘Use the Google’ :sunglasses: