Exporting Your FasCat Training Plan to Zwift (its so easy) w/ video Demo

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I updated our ‘export your plan’ training tip since we are into the indoor riding season. Once you synch your TrainingPeaks account to your Zwift account your daily workout will appear in Zwift for you to simply select and pedal. I am loving this feature.

Variable power is the name of the game!


Helpful hint: if you make your own workout or import one from somewhere else. Make sure you put something in the title or it won’t sync with zwift. I had a buddy last year sharing some workouts with me but they had no title, it took me forever to find out that because it was missing a title it wouldn’t sync.

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Does this work for Trainer Road?

I’ve done this a couple of times so far and it really is easy to do.

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you can export all of the workouts to trainer road, its just a slightly different way of doing so. Still pretty simple though.

I would be interested to hear your method. Per Trainer Road this is not possible.


‘Use the Google’ :sunglasses:


Once TP and Zwift are connected do you always see the “TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts” as an option? After reading other posts I understand it only lists the workout for the day but I can’t even see the TP workout tab. My plan doesn’t start until Tuesday of next week but I want to make sure it’s set up properly because I won’t have time to play around with it then. Thanks in advance!


You only see your workouts the day of so if your plans doesn’t start till next Tuesday you won’t see any of your plan’s workouts on Zwift until next Tuesday.

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Is there a way to put a FasCat Field Test into Zwift through your TP account so that it lines up the FasCat Field Test segments with the Zwift terrain such that you are going up the right steady pitch during the Full Gas 20 minute section and not limiting your FTP during that period?

That may be asking a lot but it’s now winter in New England and I’m not likely to get out on good roads for a few months. It would also be a more repeatable approach too if it’s possible to do. I’m looking for a way to avoid spending the monthly fee on TrainerRoad just to do their Ramp Test. Many thanks.

It you have the FasCat field test in TrainingPeaks set on the day you want to complete it you can choose that workout in Zwift.

Right. I see how to export the plan but

  • can I turn off the erg mode when the Full Gas section comes up without disengaging the plan, and
  • can I get on a section of Zwift terrain that is steady uphill 2-3% pitch during the Full Gas rather than wherever in Watopia I might be that has variable terrain?

You can disable and enable ERG mode from the workout browser screen by toggling the “Use ERG Mode” button.

You can also turn it on or off during your workout by clicking the up arrow, or clicking your mouse near the bottom-middle of your screen. This will bring up a menu which includes a button for turning ERG on and off.

You’d have to choose a route that would allow you to be near that section when you start the test. I don’t believe you can just skip forward or back to get a steady grade.

You can pause the workout to you get to that section. Best place may just be the dessert. Very little fluctuation with elevation.

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FYI, I see there are also several FTP tests in the Zwift workout list immediately under Training Peaks Custom Workouts tab. There is a standard 20 minute test with the typical warm-ups and a Ramp Test which I assume is the same one or similar to the one TR developed. The default is erg mode for these so that needs to be turned off. I’ve not tried them but will provide some feedback in a few weeks when I do.

I don’t know of any perfectly steady climbs that will last you 20 minutes in Zwift, but you can do pretty good going the Alpe du Zwift route. Another way to go is do the workout outside of Zwift and you can set your trainer to a constant resistance and shift when necessary.

For the love of all things good - do not field test indoors at all costs and for 100% certainty never use a set resistance like in ERG mode. What if you could do more? I think you can.

Read the field test training tip we include in your plan.

Also - if your plan does not have a field test on the plan you do not need to be doing one. This is #FtFP 101

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Frank, I am new to all of this and hopefully going to be getting started next week. I was planning on doing my fitness test on a indoor trainer because the weather here is crap cold. I am having some trouble just trying to figure everything out as far as what I need. I do not currently have a power meter on my bike or a heart rate monitor. Which is one reason I wanted to use the indoor trainer just to have a power meter. When you said “Read the field test training tip we include with your plan” where the heck is that? I ordered the 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot - Basic.


Here is the FasCat training tip on field test

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I didn’t see a response to your comment, I’ve been using TR for the FasCat workouts all Fall. Trainerroad has a separate workout builder software you need to download. Download the workout file from training peaks and choose “ERG”. Then just open up the folder it downloaded to and drag and drop it into the TR workout builder (drop it into the search bar that is towards the upper left). You can modify it if you want and then hit Publish. Once you hit publish the workout should be available when you open up the regular TR software.

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I have my Zwift account and TrainingPeaks linked in Zwift. I don’t see the daily TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts tab in Zwift. I have unpaired the accounts and repaired them, that didn’t help. I can export it from TrainingPeaks and drop the file into Zwift without issue. Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?