Training plans and zwift

I do my indoor training on zwift which usually works well but sometimes the training peaks plans aren’t there and will “magically” appear at a later date or time. I’ve tried all the suggestions I could dig up online (disconnect/reconnect) but it never works which is super disappointing, especially when I get up at 4:30 am to start a workout before work. It just happened again which is why I’m typing this. I realize this isn’t a fascat coaching issue but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there’s any solutions. I’m not a tech guy (obviously) I just want to ride my bike.

Thanks in advance for any help!

You may have done these two things already but worth a shot because I know they know impacted me.

1 - make sure your time zones are the same between zwift and TP. TP zones were really funky for me for some reason, when when in had the right time zone in there at one point last year it was still off by hours.

2 - Make sure every workout has something in the title. All the fascat programs I have do but before I used fascat I had a buddy sending me workouts. Some of his workouts had no title and they won’t load to zwift without that.

Yeah firs thing I would check is the time zones as Quincy suggested. That would be my initial guess, especially with it being that early in the morning.

I have had the same problems and at 0430 it is very frustrating. What I do now is download my workouts to my Garmin and have some YouTube video’s queued up. This way if I have problems with the app I just follow my workout in Garmin and distract my suffering by what is playing on the TV. Hope this helps.