Garmin and unknown training plan?

I’m having a strange issue. I’ve just started the Fondo basic plan on 3/29. When I load into TP it’s correct, when I check Zwift, the correct workout for that day appears. BUT, when I load my Garmin 1030 edge, view the workouts in Garmin Exp and review the loaded workouts on the head unit. They aren’t the same. I detached all training plans from my calendar. Reapplied the Fondo plan 4-5 times w/ same ‘error’. Cleared out the cache from my browser. The only thing I haven’t done is reset the 1030 to factory settings. Has anyone encountered this issue? I’ve been a Fascat subscriber since 2019 and haven’t had this issue happen. Its clearly not a fascat file issue or TP problem. I feel this is user error and any recommendations are appreciated.

Sorry you basically have done eveything I would have suggested. Basically have you tried unplugging and plugging back in. Lol.

Sorry about these issues. I know factor resting might be the last option but could work. Though its a pain to put all your settings back in. One good thing about the Wahoo is the ability to use your phone to do that. With the Garmin it can be tedious. I’ve been there before a couple of times.

Coach Jake,
Thanks for making the time to respond. I’ll have to go “old school” and load each training session.

Tim Henery

is it possible that you have reshuffled your days workouts?
I’ve noticed that when the training plan is initially loaded in TP’s and it syncs to the Garmin Calendar and Garmin Unit, then maybe a couple of days later you decide to switch days or weeks in TP’s then Garmin Calendar or Unit wont update, could it be this?

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Thats the only thing that makes sense. I did do that. After the initial load > download to 1030 via Garmin connect>moved back a day. It seems that the 1030 didn’t like it.

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Sounds pretty much like the same experience I had, so I won’t put it down to user error, more like a bug on Garmin Connect’s side yeah, LOL! especially since Zwift will recognise the new changes you made to the calendar but not GC.