Determining ftp for six weeks to sweet spot plan

I did the twenty miniute ftp test workout in Zwift and it was brutal. At the end it gave me a N. Power number and an average watts for the ENTIRE workout, not just the 20 min all out segment. Now the rest of my workouts in the training plan seem to be based off of a much higher ftp than what I can produce. Very frustrated and confused. Please help! Thank you

Hey @naters128

Lets get you sorted. Nice work getting through the test! Big first step in your training!

Question to start. Did you change your zones to match the new number?

By doing so that will then change your targets on future workouts to make sure they match your correct FTP.

Ok so I watched the video and logged in on my computer for the first time. ( I have been using my phone in the past.)

On the computer it’s telling me it has no data from my ride today and it says to do it again tomorrow!!

hmm well all is not lost and you shouldn’t have to do the test again. Sounds like it might not have exported from Zwift. Double check in the zwift desktop. (
Find your ride from the power test. Export that file and then drag and drop the file over trainingpeaks to make sure it exports. This should add in a ride from today. At that point you can use the number/file to set your zones.
In the future I would also double check that zwift is connected to trainingpeaks so that all your files safely export.