SWEET SPOT PART 1 question about cadence

So I’ve purchased Sweet Spot Basic training and I have no clue when interval comes, in which cadence to ride? It would be cool to see that in description and not to ride in low cadence if I need to ride in high cadence. I’m new in cycling world and these things made me confused and demotivated because I want to know every detail. Or if that is not in description, it’s not that important? :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hey @mario.ivanovich5

Great question and thanks for posting. Going to answer this in two parts.

We strive to include as many details as possible to make the plans as perfect as possible. But the hurdle is these plans are supposed to help as many different athletes as possible. As such that means some will be training in steep mountains, and others will be training on pan flat roads . So the athlete that is training on steep mountain roads wont be able to play with cadence as much as someone on flat roads or inside. Trainingpeaks does now offer a “cadence range” within workout builder and we might someday have that on our workouts, but for now we want athletes to not be too overwhelmed and focus on what they can control and power first.

Generally though for my athletes I recommend targeting a cadence range when at all possible of 85-95RPM’s.

Hope that helps!


Thanks! It helps me! :slight_smile:

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