Sweet Spot or Tempo?

I’m using the 32 week winter plan. Yesterday’s workout was 3x9 minutes sweet spot, which Zwift/TrainingPeaks put me at 215. Today’s workout was 4x8 minutes at Tempo which was 200. Both are in the “Sweet Spot” that FasCat had me calculate. I’m confused about the difference. As a side note, I ony did 2x9 minutes the first workout, and 3x8 minutes the second day due to time constraints during the week. Okay I obviously know the power is different, and the interval lengths are different, but they’re both “sweet spot”

Sweet spot is technically advance aerobic which would be anything above zone 2 to below your threshold. So all of zone 3 and most of zone 4. As coaches we have to put targets for these efforts otherwise it would be 76 - 98% of your FTP which is a wide range. Typically we would put sweet spot efforts at 88 - 97% of FTP to get the most out of the time and get more work by riding at the higher power. In the spreadsheet sweet spot is labeled 84 - 97% of FTP. This is a good spot to put in into TrainingPeaks and track your total sweet spot time for group rides or freestyle TSS rides. This way you know how much of your effort is coming from this range. The tempo efforts in the plan that will typically follow sweet spot days are to allow you to get some work but also not as difficult.