Question on Training Plan Adjustment


Well, my A Race (Barry Roubaix) just got postponed like a lot of other races. I was anticipating that and already listened to your podcast about this so I’m switching from race back to base and just purchased Sweet Spot 3 to start. For reference, I had done the resistance + sweet spot and was a couple of weeks into the road interval plan. My question is if you see any issues with mixing in one VO2max interval session a week into the Sweet Spot plan instead of one of the scheduled workouts. I feel like my shorter (5 minutes and less) intervals are a weakness and that I can improve most with those. So, I wanted to see if that was something you guys thought could be helpful in this scenario or just ftfp and then switch back to the road intervals with V02max intervals 6 weeks or so from when my new A race will be.


You answered your own question! So six weeks sweet spot part 3 > road intervals. Patience. Too early to be slamming VO2’s. By switching from race back to base you are also chilling out and taking a collective deep breath because you have more time until its go time again.

OK, sounds good! Thanks for the quick response and I’ll plan on just ftfp’ing.

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