Steps to Using Your FasCat Training Plan

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  1. You’ll receive an email from TrainingPeaks with a link to your FasCat Training Plan. Click the link to go to TrainingPeaks to get your FasCat Training Plan.
  2. Log into your TrainingPeaks account or create a new account if you have not used TrainingPeaks before.
  3. From your desktop computer, click to accept the plan to your account.
    *You cannot apply the plan from a mobile device at this time

  4. Once the success message appears, click “Launch App” under your name in the upper right corner to go to your TrainingPeaks calendar page.
  5. On the left sidebar, click the Training Plan Library icon to find your FasCat Training Plan.

  6. Click on your new plan and set the Start or End date to coordinate with your training and racing schedule, then click “apply.”

    If your plan is for a specific race, it will have a fixed end date so you only need to click the “apply” button.

  7. Once applied, your calendar will fill up with workouts!

  8. Now go ride your bike!

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Questions about your training plan? Email/call: or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at anytime. Good luck!

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FasCat Coaching is cycling coaching company in Boulder, CO that coaches athletes worldwide. FasCat offers affordable $49 training plans as solutions for self coached athletes. To talk with a FasCat Coach about getting into a coaching plan, please call 720.406.7444, or fill out a New Athlete Questionnaire to set up a Coaching Consultation. Additionally, check out the Training Plans for only $49 that the FasCat Coaches have designed for DIY athletes.

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There’s a couple of threads I think I could place my question under but this title seems the most appropriate. When starting what will be a 38 week training regimen via plans is it typical to add a week or two for various reasons such as sickness, travel, fatigue, etc.?

Yes. While in a perfect case scenario you wouldn’t have to, life gets in the way sometimes and thats when its important to adjust accordingly.
Check out How to Adjust Your FasCat Training Plan for information on adjusting your training plan.


There is a box on the bottom of each Training Peaks workout for Automatically calculate planned values. Should this be checked?

Errrrm, don’t think so … wouldn’t mess with that. Either way it doesn’t have anything to do with your training. do your best to ‘make it turn green’ it being TrainingPeaks which is our subtle way of saying ‘follow the plan’

Hi. I never received an email from Training Peaks to accept my plan. So now what?

I just pushed that plan out to you again. So you should receive an email. Double check spam folders.
Let us know if you still do not receive it.

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Thanks! I have the link now.

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How long does it take to receive an email from Training Peaks with the purchased plan? I purchased the plan and then created a training peaks account. I received 1 email welcoming me to Training Peaks but there was no email that said anything about Accept Training Plan. I’m utterly confused and have not found the process to access my plan very intuitive. I really thought that I’d purchase a plan and then be riding my bike within minutes and so far I’m disappointed in the lack of ease in accessibility. Please advise.

Hi @kpetry1418 - would you check your spam folder please bc I just double checked our system and show that your plan went out to you @ 17:17:47

Glitches happen tho and we’re here to help. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience. #FtFP

Please let us know - thanks!

@kpetry1418 - you are looking for an email that looks like this (Step # 3)

Thank you. It did come a couple hours after purchasing. I was confused b/c I got the receipt for the plan immediately and assumed the training peaks email would follow immediately and when it didn’t I reread all the instructions and checked my spam and didn’t see anything. Thanks for following up and making sure I received it, I do appreciate that. As a follow up question, I’m wondering if I actually purchased the right plan. I didn’t notice there was an indoor/outdoor zwift plan until this morning. I’ll be doing most of my riding indoor for now so will the Sweet Spot 1 be ok for indoor riding? Can that be exported to Zwift or should I just switch to the Zwift plan instead? Again, thanks for you help and my apologies for my impatience.

You can export all your workouts from your plan to Zwift - there’s a thread here on the forum if you search on ‘Export to Zwift’ - its a one button selection in zwift once you set it up.

Here it is:

But if you want to switch plans just let us know here and we are happy to swap any 1:1 priced plan out for free

Hi, Im also waiting to hear from TrainingPeaks. I did use my correct email during purchase yesterday morning, and am receiving other email from them in my inbox. I do see my order status is still processing. Does the status need to be finalized before I can proceed?


Good morning @seanmadge - I just double checked - your plan was emailed out to you on:
Thu Feb 06 2020 08:16:40

double check your spam folder and if its not there Coach @Jake will hook you up shortly - the TrainingPeaks end has been running slow this week for some reason we don’t know.

Thanks for your patience and good luck #FtFP’ing!

Hey @seanmadge I just resent the plan to you so you should be receiving an email today. Like Frank said for some reason it has been delayed this week. But if you do not receive by the end of the day let us know!

Got it. Thanks so much. Ive noticed a big delay from them in general. Did a password recovery at 10am yesterday, got the email at 6pm.

Thanks again for your quick response.


I’ve been using the plan for almost 2 weeks and enjoy it but I see there are some workouts that are 2 or more hours and I’m not able to ride outside. The thought of riding inside for that long is depressing. This makes me wonder if I should switch to the indoor plan with shorter workouts? Can I or should I just swap plans? Also, I don’t mind purchasing the indoor plan instead of just swapping so I can have access to both but I have a coupon code that isn’t working. Advice?


If you go to the product page for the plan you purchased on the website and leave us a review (under the reviews tab) then you will get a coupon sent to you.