Training Plans activation

Good Evening FasCat hope you all well and safe

I would have few short questions please?

  1. After I purchased the plans I received the receipts for the purchase (thank you) but the plan not as yet. Is this will be forwarded on a later stage?
  2. What is the difference between the secure forum after the purchase? Is something i must do? Can i access it on the mobile phone?

Many thank
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Hey @adlerlucsi !

You should have an email in your inbox from trainingpeaks for both of the plans that you purchased. Go ahead and press accept on both of those and then you will be able to find them in your training plan library in your trainingpeaks account. From there you will apply them to your calendar (choose a monday as a start date). You can find the full walkthrough for how to get started here:

We have accepted you into the Fascat TrainingPeaks account and have added in your coaching feedback box for january into your calendar. Go ahead and fill that out per the instructions and Coach @Isaiah will go in and do his magic :slight_smile:

Also, You can access your training plan using the trainingpeaks app for your Android or iOS device.

Hello and thank you for the email response
I did not received the email to accept the plan
Only receipt for the plan purchase and the coach receipt
I do not have it in the inbox or in the spam folder.

Best regards

These are my last emails as you can see last email from Trainingpeaks was about a threshold.
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Hello all, just received the emails :0 thank you very much
I would need my weekends to be Friday Saturday instead of Saturday Sunday
What should be the starting day, please for the plan?

Many thanks

Morning @adlerlucsi

Go ahead and leave notes in the “feedback please” box in your TP and I will be able to move the workouts over for you.

I’ll check in later today for you subscription review.

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@Isaiah Good Morning
So i starting on Sunday the 10th where my Sunday and Thursdays will be my off days?

Can you please point me where is the “Feedback” i can insert because i cannot detected
I am hoping this will be working out
I tried to start before Sunday but i see as per the plan not possible. So i will do some random cycling until Sunday?
I am sorry is the first time i am having a coach and not familiar yet with TP

Many thanks for your time and efforts

Best Regards

Hey Lucsi – looks like you found the Feedback box and commented (screenshot below). All your comments for Coach Isaiah regarding your schedule for the next month and any questions you have can be put in the post activity comments, like you have done already. He will be in there later today to adjust everything for you and answer your questions. Be sure to leave all of your questions in there as he will only be going in once per month to touch base.

We are excited to get you set up and ready to nail your training goals!


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Thank you for the answer
Unfortunately, I will not know all the questions as yet as my plan will start only Monday coming and as I never used any part of it don’t know yet what to ask. Maybe after adjustments I can ask in the forum also? I also think after 1 or 2 sessions I will have a better ideas what to ask. I hope this makes sense ?
Best regards

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Yes Lucsi, that makes sense.
Post your questions here until your next feedback box (feb 5th) and we will answer them :slight_smile:
The first month will be a learning process for you, but I have no doubts you will get the hang of it in not time!