Optimization App Discussion (not Customer Service)

Hello Everyone!

New-ish user to the optimize platform. Had a question regarding functionality and connectivity to bike computers (specifically the wahoo family).

I understand direct connectivity to wahoo head units is an upcoming feature (per the podcast). However, I noticed there’s a “send to device” feature within the app when I select a workout. I’ve both my apple watch and wahoo account connect to the app. Curious to where that’s going when I select the button… Thanks!

Can you rearrange workouts in the Optimize calendar? Or do I need to do that thru Training Peaks? I only use free version of TP since I use WKO5, so not being able to move workouts is a pain.

On the Training screen in the Optimize app you should see a pencil icon that will take you to a screen where you can rearrange the workouts.