Optimization App Discussion (not Customer Service)

Good afternoon. Is it possible to add training plans obtained from the Optimize app to TrainingPeaks? I much prefer the layout/interface of TP. It could also be that I’m used to it after having used it for several years now.

Are there any plans for a desktop app version similar to TP?

Hi there @bagoetzinger -

Yes, once you subscribe we send you your training plan in TrainingPeaks.

We very much do have plans for a desktop version. With a desktop we’ll get much more real estate to view a whole month of training in a traditional calendar format. Stay tuned !

Here’s everything you ‘get’ when you subscribe:

We’ve lowered our prices for all plans to a $34.99 subscription. When you subscribe to Optimize you’ll get:

:boom: Unlimited Access to our Entire Training Plan Library, Workouts, Meal Plans and Recipes

:calendar: Follow Training Plans in Optimize and/or TrainingPeaks

:fire: Optimize your Power and Wearable Data Visualization

:raising_hand_woman: in App Coaching Support: a FasCat Coach will respond, 1x1, in 30 minutes or less

:man_biking: Discount on Ventum GS1 & NS1 Bikes

:battery:Discount on Stages Powermeters

:money_with_wings: Subscribe 1 Year & Save 34%

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Your subscription renews on a monthly or annual basis

:telephone_receiver: Coaching Call for 3 month subscribers (30 minute consultation)

:moneybag: FREE Month of Coaching for 12 month subscribers (4 week custom training plan + data analysis)

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Also - everyone @here -

I’l be sending out an update by email this week (week of Nov. 14th, 2022) that we have Whoop all set for the data to flow and our app is in the Google Play store

New FasCat member here, starting first workout plan on the 28th, after my 2 week break! Signed up and have everything connected ok but not getting all the data to transfer each day?


Awesome @matt.montgomery - welcome!

What build are you on and which wearable?

I signed up for the 16 week weights plus base plan then plan to follow that up SS part 3. Oura ring.
Thanks Frank!

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Awesome - by ‘build’ I mean the number at the bottom of your app from your profile page.

Should be 1.0.4 (28) or which number are you on?

I haven’t received the plan in training peaks yet. Is there a delay between time of subscription and receiving the training plan? Maybe I’m being impatient.

Seeing your comment about build below also raises a question, I’m on 1.0.2(26). I downloaded the app, subscribed, and applied the 30 week off season plan on the Apple app store Sunday.

If you hit the ⍰ in the upper right of the app we’d be happy to help you.

Do make sure you are on the latest build - double check your iOS settings to make sure you are getting the latest and great.

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Is there a way to delete the Leadville 100 training plan that appears when opening the app? Isaiah is my coach and not on a standard plan.

A couple questions:

  • do you plan to support Apple Watch?
  • Is the wearable connection the only way to update the app with sleep and HRV?
  • why does yesterdays (11/14/22) 77 TSS workout show up as 77 OTS (76.8, same same) on the calendar for today (11/15/22)?



Hi Brian - since you are on the trial version and not subscribed the Leadville plan is default.

We do plan to support Apple Watch but we intentionally started with the superior data sets from Oura and Whoop because research has shown Apple Watch HRV data to be suspect:

That said an Apple Watch integration is in the future! AND I do believe the data is getting better and better.

Right now, a wearable is necessary - we’ll have manual entry and an edit feature also in the future!

Your Optimization Score is calculated every morning from the four other numbers on the main screen:

  1. your Optimized Training Stress (OTS), from the day before’s power data
  2. your Sleep (in hours), which is taken from your wearable
  3. your HRV, which is taken from your wearable
  4. and your Load, which is a running average of your recent OTS, similar to a Chronic Training Load
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Thanks Frank! One last question - are you planning to include a subscription for coached athletes?

You are welcome @bsquared -

If you would like to use the Optimization Technology I am sure Coach Isaiah and you, would benefit greatly.

I will be sending an email to all FasCat 1x1 Coached Athletes in the near future!!


@FRANK my build 1.0.2(26). Tried deleting and reinstalling. Same build version. iOS.

My mistake @matt.montgomery Build 26 was the latest but new just NOW >>

Build 29 was just released

Go get that one.

Is my Garmin watch, Fenix 6, a wearable? I know it measures sleep and it gives a ‘Body Battery’ score but not sure if that measures HRV. I’ll dig into it more but I figure asking you may be quicker.
[edit: did see that HRV is measured on this watch. now I just have to get accustomed to syncing/logging it.]

Just started the 16 week Sweet Spot plan. Will that plan sync up with Optimize or will I need to pick another 16 week Sweet Spot plan up and adjust the days to where I’m at presently?

Only been with FC for a few weeks and digging it!

Biggest concern for Optimize is…I’m 51, prob overtrain for the time I have available in my busy work and fam life, and I’m betting Optimize is gonna say ‘Rest Today’ pretty much every day​:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. That could mean that my only training will be cooking in the kitchen!

Here is a list of Garmin devices that record sleep & HRV:

To be honest, we had the same question as you did, so we did the research, talked with Garmin and published this!

You plan on TrainingPeaks will not synch up in the app. Right now they are two separate entities.

Most of us here are masters cyclists so ‘if you follow the plan, you will Ride FASTER’ - and your Optimization Scores should fall in line if you are recovering well

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Optimize looks like a cool tool. A couple more Optimize questions.

  1. I use HRV4Training, available as an app on Apple. Is there a way to manually enter my HRV values from the app into Optimize?

  2. Is there a way to load previously purchased Fascat plans into Optimize?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @samueltobias - just Oura and Whoop to start and a manual entry later.

For the record, I do not like morning HRV because it overestimates your true state and does not capture a broader data range.

Overnight average HRV is superior as recorded by Whoop/Oura:

HRV4 would have recorded your HRV as 18ms ^^ (when you wake up). But by recording average HRV through the night you are able to see how your HRV was low when you went to sleep and how you recovered while you slept.

Momentary recordings are not representative of what’s really going on with your body.

TLDR - that’s why we do not have a HRV4 integration to start out. HRV4 does have an OURA integration for these reasons ^^

We do not have a TrainingPeaks integration - you may apply the same plan you are following on TrainingPeaks in our App because you have access to them all once you subscribe (and stay subscribed)

a couple post before you provide a list of Garmin devices. For sleep/HRV tracking I’m more interested in Garmin than Whoop or Oura. My Apple Watch 4 is still working fine, but I like some of the HRV/HR/power features on my Garmin.

Garmin is feeding workouts into Optimize app, does it support feeding HRV/sleep yet? If not, coming soon? Or manual entry first?