Whoop vs Oura podcast questions

Great podcast as always, I had a couple questions after listening.

I don’t currently have a device that does HRV but was thinking I’d get a Garmin 955. I need a running/walking/hiking watch anyway, it doesn’t have a monthly subscription fee, and I’m already deep in the Garmin ecosystem with an in-reach, edge, and Varia.

But the podcast makes it sound only Woop and Oura are going to work with the new Optimize app, and if the Garmin 955 would work with it is there some reason Woop and Oura are better?

Second question is you mentioned the app was going live in the “app store” Nov 1st. Is that the Apple app store only, or the android version going to be available nov 1st too? There was no mention of if it was apple or android or both.



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I have the Garmin 955. Several weeks ago, Frank mentioned that they had plans to incorporate it and were working on it. It will be interesting to hear Frank’s update to your question.

Correct - if your Garmin records HRV it will work with Optimize thru the Garmin Connect ecosystem

The 955 works for example - they have a ton of models which record sleep & HRV but its hard to keep track!

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When will optimize be available on the Play Store. I thought id read something posted by you a week ago saying it was available now but i cant find it.

Does no-one know when its supposed to be available?

Hi @oldcyclist - have you listened to the podcast?

In the first 5 minutes we say when it will be available :muscle:

Here is the raw data and academic references for your review. Thanks everybody for listening!