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Howdy Cats!

Been reading a lot about the Whoop platform and how it can help my recovery to smash those harder sessions but wanted to check in the users of the band and how they use it.

From what I can see there is a integration with Training Peaks to push certain metrics from the band.
Can you link the iOS app to automatically log rides from Wahoo, Zwift or the Health app?
How much manual processing and input is required or can anyone detail their workflow with Whoop and following a training plan?

Thanks all.

Hi Adam! Listen to our podcast with Whoop here (if you haven’t already)


And then in the Whoop App you goto into your settings > synch data > enter your TrainingPeaks username an p-word an the data automatically goes up to the day in your TrainingPeaks calendar. It looks like this:

I’d emailed them to ask if they planned to also transfer the subjectives (fatigue, stress, soreness, sick/injured), they were vague but said it’s still in beta. The more people that ask them to transfer these things the better, probably. M

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Thank you @FRANK, gave the podcast another listen.
Do you bother adding activities to the Whoop app or just monitor the recovery values and keep everything in TrainingPeaks?

Thanks @chad. I’ve pulled the trigger on one so once it arrives I’ll get on the case :+1:

Everything in TrainingPeaks. I do the subjective ‘how do you feel’ every morning in the Whoop App

Honestly, I’ve been using the Whoop since last September and it’s super cool, but not really all that useful. Even after using it all this time i can’t really figure out why I get a certain recovery score and when i don’t.
The only thing i’ve gained from it is that i see I’m more consistently “green” after a medium-hard week. So my coach (@Jake) now doesn’t put me into A races too rested.
that’s really the only thing i’ve gained after spending $270 and jake even told me about too much rest 2 years ago.
It is super cool and i’m blown away at how an app can corroborate how i feel, but it’s really not super helpful. I plan to toss it after Cascade in a couple weeks

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I’ve been using the Whoop strap now for about 6 months and it does give some interesting feedback, but sometimes I just have to FTFP.

The Whoop system will log activity and sleep automatically, which I think it is set to do by default. If not, you can turn on automatic activity detection in the iOS app by going to Settings>Activity Detection>On. Basically, an activity will automatically be generated when you “exhibit sustained, significant cardiovascular exertion for at least 15 minutes”. I find it works most of the time. After an activity is done it will show up on the screen that shows your daily strain, recovery, sleep, and system status. The activity will initially be unclassified, and you will see the ‘process now’ button. You can then select the type of activity and add the subjective comments to it.

I do find the sleep and recovery information pretty useful, although at times, if I wake up in the morning and I’m showing I’m in the red, but have a big ride scheduled, I just have to do the ride, but manage how I feel during. What I have learned from using Whoop though as I get older (now 51) is that I need a little more recovery after my big Sunday rides. Last week did 145km gravel ride, and I needed until Wed to do my next hard workout.


@FRANK Listen to your podcast about Whoop, really liked it and found it super helpful. Looking into possibly getting one to help my recovery. Since the podcast is almost a year old (assuming you guys have continued to use it your self and with your athlete) was seeing if there is anything you would add or have further insight into the product.

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Thanks for listening - our advice still stands and Whoop even just released a newer version with longer battery life so you’ll get a newer device that what we had.

I think the biggest thing the Whoop brings to your performance is awareness to how your lifestyle affects your recovery and training. Sleep, stress and how much you are training and/or how balanced your training is to your recovery.

Hope the helps!

I have a question I thought I’d direct here before submitting to whoop. I just finished Cascades after doing Gila. After these races my HRV is up an insane amount. Like from an average of 60 to an average of 90. Is this just from accumulated fitness?
Oddly, my HRV is up, but my energy is way down. I’m sleeping like 10 hours a day now, which is probably good haha

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For a stage race of that magnitude plan on a rest week after and then I bet the Whoop will ‘right’ itself as your body recovers and gets back to normal.

Common sense those has you taking an easy week post Cascade and potentially a chill weekend , maybe even a non competitive one unless you have an upcoming race.

I’m not sure what would be involved as far as the administration/setup, but has a FasCat “team” in Whoop been considered? Could be fun for those of us using one, and possibly useful for coaches to have access to plan subscribers’ and coached athletes’ data?

That is a good idea. I go into the Whoop accounts of the athletes I coach. Perhaps we could add this to our Coaching Subscriptions features.

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I would be up for this. Got my Whoop and love the insights but have no teams to add that competitive edge :wink:

I’ve got a Q about Whoop and recovery weeks.

Do you need a whole week for recovery from a block or if I get it solidly back in the green (80%+) is that essentially the goal and I should resume training? To dig a little deeper, is the body still rebuilding and needs those days while mostly recovered?

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Hi @akaio32 we’ve built in the ‘goldilocks’ amount of recovery into your training plan so as long as you are FtFP’ing you’ll be just right.

Everyone is individual so listen to your body. The recovery weeks in your plan are goldilocks. Sorry I can’t answer your question better - hope that helps.

Another way of answering that is to follow the plan and consider coaching to help you objectively answer that question: when to follow the plan and when to use outside data to not follow the plan.


New feature today… https://www.whoop.com/the-locker/join-create-teams-on-whoop/


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Created! If interested in joining our FasCat Whoop team please just let me know your username and I will get you on invite!

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