New to formal training, need next plan to follow for July event/race

Good morning,

I’ll be completing 18 wks of Sweet Spot at the end of the week and would appreciate someone’s review of my training files and guidance on what to do next please.

My “A” event is Cache Gran Fondo which I believe, and hope, has about a 50/50 chance of happening. This is the first year in over 2 decades that my life schedule has allowed me to actually have and execute a training plan so consider me newbie in that regard please.

I’m assuming I’ll need to test which I’ve never really done before. The FTP I’ve been using has allowed me to hit all the marks in the plan thus far. I have struggled on the top end efforts of the recent “diabolicals”. Otherwise, all the works out have been well within my current ability. I think it’s possible my real FTP number is higher than what I have set it. My 1 to 5 minute power seems to need some work however.

I live in Montana so weather can still be a challenge. It has snowed this morning. May/June can be cold and really wet. Hopefully we’ll be able to have group rides and our local weekly, Tuesday night race series soon.

I’ve added Fascat as my coach in TP. Look forward to your feedback and help.

Thank you very much

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Hi Mike ! Welcome - have you performed the 20 minute field test prescribed in your 18 weeks of sweet spot plan?

A properly set FTP will solve the diabolical workout problem :wink:

Since you purchased a Coaching Subscription - post your q in the “Coaching Subscription” portion of this forum so that will prompt us to go into your TP to answer your questions. Thanks!

Thank you Frank. Just posted in that forum.

I’ve not done a test yet. Looking for some guidance on how to prep for that after this block is complete.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts after reviewing my files.

Thanks again.