Help me pick a plan

Hey all!!! Please help me pick a plan!!! I’m a time crunched athlete logging 6-8hrs on the bike (4 rides) a week with two days lifting. I’m a high cat c rider on zwift with my sprint being high b low a but I need some work on my threshold.

My ultimate goal would be b cat for the near future.

I’m really wanting to increase my 5min and 20min power. But the main focus is being able to keep the training sessions under 90mins and inside. My ftp is 200 at 62kg.

I was looking into the climbing plan or Phil’s or plan. Both seem to have ss threshold supra etc.

Can you recommend me a plan based on my time restrictions and goals for the most effective plan!



Apologies for the delay here! We mostly field questions from in the app and/or from these day.

I / we recommend our 16 weeks of sweet spot plan with strength and conditioning and then our Criterium intervals plan. You’ll get some VO2 work in the last 3 weeks of your sweet spot plan so that will increase your 5 & 20 minute power.

Both plans + Coaching are including in your Optimize Subscription: