Sweet Spot 1-3 Review

Frank and FasCat team, wanted to say thanks for the great plans and resources. I’ve completed SS Plans 1-3 this year, and I’m currently on the polarized Sweet Spot Plan which has been fun, even with colder weather limiting some of the time.

This is the first year since about 2016 that I was really getting consistent training in, and to be honest, the plan helped a lot on keeping me focused, without wearing me down too much. I’ve lost about around 35 lbs this year, and still losing more, while my FTP went from around 255-260 in late May, to a current FTP around 290. Longer rides don’t take as much out of me, and the build up of CTL has helped my fitness and energy levels great.

Bottom line, I am looking forward to keeping things moving, and building upon a hopefully even better year in 2021.

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That’s so awesome to hear @herbertmcgeorge! That may be the power to weight % improvement record. What did you weight before and after? I will do the calculation.

This is an older image but I like it because its the tip of the iceberg - keep sweet spotting! I highly highly recommend our weight lifting lan this Fall/Winter to see if you can push that 290 FTP and break the 300 watts ceiling.

Tip of the Iceberg