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Next weekend on Saturday I’ve got a 2+ hr road race. I’m also starting the Road Race Intervals Plan. The plan calls for Z6 intervals on Sunday the day after (Zone 6: 2 sets of 5x30 seconds ON, 1 min OFF.) I know #FtFP, but I’m normally pretty trashed the day after a race. Can this be a rest day? I’m sure I can attempt this, but doubt I’ll hit the best numbers.

Here’s how to edit your plan @chris.butler


We also have our In Season Road Race plan for this type of situation:

but its still hard to predict exact schedules SO that’s why we will be offering training plan revisions with our new MEMBERSHIPS. Look for that to roll out in a few weeks.

Thanks @FRANK I’m going to try the workout. The one thing I’ve noticed with these plans is that if you start moving stuff around, it can adversely affect workouts downstream. Another thing I’ve come to understand as I’ve aged is you have to listen to your body.


Just finished the Race Intervals plan (although modified because of 2 weeks of travel). FTP jumped from 302 to 315!


Outstanding ! What’s your Performance Manager Chart look like? +'ve TSB, etc…


Nice - so CTL in the mid 45-55 range it appears.

You can take that 315 watts you just id and improve it by 3-10% (guesstimate) if you push your CTL up into the 70’s. Best way to do that? Sweet Spot Training :nerd_face:

You may find this podcast on CTL helpful too https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/chronic-training-load-ctl-for-masters-cyclists/


Correct, CTL is 56 right now. Great, I was going to ask for a recommended training plan!

Should I go with Part 1, 2 or 3?

If you are racing soon I’d go with the In Season Road Race (coming off the Road Intervals) but if you have 2-3 weeks of no racing try sweet spot part 3 because that will be a more aggressive CTL build plus include some race specific intensity.


No races on the calendar right now, so I’ll go with part 3. Thanks!

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Yup, go get ‘em and good luck sweet spottin’ up the whazoo!

I bought the basic version of Sweet Spot 3 because I thought the hours would fit better in my schedule. But the weekly TSS scores are 500 or less. Should I have gone with the intermediate?

If you are able to still accomplish the training with your schedule then yes.
Let me know if you would like to trade them out.

ok, let’s do it. Really want to get that CTL up

You got it. Just traded that out for you.


Hi there. I tried to complete a sweet spot workout (unfortunately on the trainer without choice), and noticed that my HR and perceived exertion were way higher than normal for the given power demand. I was toast. I shut the workout down just over half way and took the next day off thinking that I’d be smart doing this. Is this the right thing to do? or would one have completed the work at say a lesser intensity?
I’m very close to my big race goal (breck epic) so my thought was to prevent getting sick which would have been far more detrimental than trying to raise my CTL. I should be able to get back on track and FTFP this weekend.