Welcome to the FasCat Forum!

:biking_man: Welcome to the FasCat Forum :biking_woman:

:one: Please read this first.

This is the place to bring any and all of your training, training plan, and coaching questions to the FasCat community of athletes.

:two: This forum is moderated by the FasCat Coaches.

Coach Frank, Jake, Isaiah, Brandon, Jackson & Allie. https://fascatcoaching.com/coaches/

Together we bring a combined 75 years of coaching and racing experience to share with you - you just gotta post your questions or start a discussion!

:three: We have created 10 forum categories that cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Training Questions (like sweet spot, power & resistance training, etc)

  2. Nutrition / Weight Loss / Winning in the Kitchen

  3. Cyclocross / #secretTraining

  4. G R A V E L

  5. TrainingPeaks Help

  6. Training Plans

  7. What Plan Should I Do & What Plan Should I Do Next?

  8. Customer Service & Help

  9. Ask a FasCat Podcast Q&A Submissions

  10. Women’s Specific

:four: This forum is an evolution of our private FaceBook group we created way back March of '17.

It has grown so much that we’ve decided to open it up to everyone, especially those that didn’t use or want to get off of the BookFaces, LOL.

:five: They say the dumbest question is the one you don’t ask! Please join our welcoming & respectful community of coaches and endurance athletes who are all focused on getting faster, enjoying cycling, or finding a couple nuggets of great advice to use in training.


Looking forward to helping out all our athletes and meeting new ones! Should be a great place to share information, help each other out, have fun and get faster along the way!


Thanks to Frank and the team for setting up the forum!

On the face of it, it seems to be pretty easy to navigate and will certainly be a really useful tool for all of us on training plans :metal:t2:


Thanks Dom - welcome to the forum and we look forward to your contributions!

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Looking forward to seeing this grow!


Way to go guys! Congrats on the evolution of the forum!


Great job with the Forum. Thanks Frank & Crew!!


Thanks for joining @mtbracerdan - welcome to the new Coalition!


I like the new Forum.


New forum looks good fellas! :+1:


Hello Cats! :+1: :biking_man:

Welcome to the Coalition everyone!

In case you did not know, a Coalition is a group of cheetahs :slight_smile:


Thanks for setting up the Forum - I am very excited!

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The recent email blast mentions forum areas for training plan customers. Is that something that needs set on our accounts?

You will be given automatic access when that part of the forum is ready

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Hi Frank and the team , I have signed up to the Fascat forum, however I have no access to some posts as it says I have to buy a plan first… I have bought 6 Fascat plans in the past, I do hope I don’t have to buy another plan just to gain access as I would have thought the previous 6 would be enough. Look forward to your response and also hopefully access

Go ahead an try again Neil - the forum isn’t set up to give retroactive access before we launched it April 2019. I have to add each email manually.

Awesome thanks Frank, you are the best. Had to take a nearly 10 months off the bike after a serious crash so ready to make next season my best

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So I’ve purchased a plan and not sure what to do next.Get you access to my current TP account?

Please and thanks,

Chris Joyce