Not enough time for the plan I purchased

I think I was a little over ambitious and dove right into a training plan that had the most time training involved. I travel for work so that throws a wrench in it and also I just don’t have time to do 3-4 hour rides on the trainer and I find myself altering 80% of the workouts. Any advice as to how to go from here?

thank you!

Hi @amandalacertosa - we can swap out and advanced plan for an intermediate or basic.

Additional you may find hiring a couch to hold you a) accountable and b) revise the training plan around your work schedule to be extremely helpful.

Two other tips come to mind #1 timing is everything - when are your goals? And you may not need to be doing 3-4 rides in Nov/Dec and help with developing better training habits, what we call “FtFP”

There have been some good tips about indoor vs outdoor workout length around here recently. if you would be able to make use of the higher volume plan in summer it may be worth hanging on to and modifying for winter per some of the threads here.

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Thank you! @FRANK How would I go about swapping down to the intermediate plan?

Send an email to so we can look up your training plan and email out the intermediate version, easy. :white_check_mark: