Next Training Plan?

Just wrapped up the in-season Road Racing plan, which coincides with the end of a 6-week points series on Zwift. There will be another series coming up, but I suspect it’ll be at least a few weeks down the road. The prevailing wisdom here seems to be pointing toward Sweet Spot. I’d definitely like to continue improving my FTP (up 4% since starting the Road Race plan!), but also don’t want to lose touch with the shorter-duration power that I’ve been starting to develop between the recent plan, and the recent races.


Sweet Spot Part 4 to the rescue @jamesstoll - it will progress you thru a 3 > 4 > 5 min VO2 progress to preserve your previous shorter power gains and have you do some long endurance rides on the weekend to maintain CTL and improve your endurance!

Cool, Thanks! I think my current plan said there’d be some type of coupon available for another plan at the end. The plan ends on Tue this week, should I wait until then to order the next plan? (You guys are freaking killin’ me with all the plans, but daggone if they don’t work!! :slight_smile:

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