Rate my training plan?

New here , so I apologize for the long post or If I muff this up. But I wanted some feedback on my current routine and which training plan from Fascat may be right for me.

For starters , I have 2 children, a wife , and a full time job. So saying my schedule is busy is an understatement. I invested in a Peloton to help elevate my busier days and to keep my fitness in check, But hers what I’m doing…

Monday - 60 Minute Power Zone ride ( mainly focuses on z3)

Tuesday - 30 minute Yoga

Wednesday - 45 Minute PZ Max ride ( focuses on sprint intervals in z6/7)

Thursday - 30 minute Yoga

Friday- 90 minute Powerzone endurance ( I do this strictly for endurance , obviously) z3 and some z4

Saturday - Either recovery day or low impact ride

Sunday - in the saddle on my MTB. Usually a 20-30 mile ride. I’d love to ride more but life gets in the way.

My diet is sub par , it’s what I struggle with the most. I’m in my early 30s , about 6’1 And right at 200LBS. My ultimate goal is to compete in cat 2 races next year and podium. I’ve won a handful of cat 3 races over the past few years but looking to take this to the next level.

So the workouts we would suggest depend on the time of the season and race schedule. Early in the year we focus on strength work and gym work. Then move into a base period with lots of sweet spot work to build your aerobic engine. Then we would move into race intensity and do interval training. You can find the strength and base building in our offseason plan and sweet spot plans. That is a great place to start! If for whatever reason you can’t do the gym work you can also just pick the 16 week sweet spot plan.

Going off the workouts you are doing now how I would arrange that is as follow:
Monday - yoga / recovery
Tuesday - Highest intense workout
Wednesday - Tempo ride
Thursday - low impact ride
Friday - yoga recovery
Saturday- Power endurance
Sunday - Mountain bike ride

Just want to keep your harder rides after recovery days. This is exactly how our plans are laid out for the most part.