Exporting Your FasCat Training Plan to Zwift (its so easy) w/ video Demo

If you are not seeing your plan’s workout under “TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts” as shown below from Zwift something is up but I don’t know what… You might have better luck from reaching out to Zwift.


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Thanks @FRANK I will reach out to Zwift and/or Training Peaks.

Is there anyway that you can get all the workouts from a training plan into zwift rather than just the one for that day? The problem I have is that without a premium training peaks account I cannot move the workouts around (to fit in with work / kids etc), thus I cannot get the workout I need on zwift on the right days that work for me.

Please advise.


@darrenlacycycles Did you ever hear back from Zwift or TP? I’m encountering the same issue.

I thought I had a similar issue until I realised that the session for the day was not a workout created with the ‘structured workout creator’.
So those group rides or heart rate based sessions did not appear, to which I just used the zones graph on Zwift to try and replicate the session goals as much as possible.

Since this is such a popular question @Lacey_Rivette made a helpful demo video:

One thing that just occurred to me is you need to have a workout on your trainingpeaks calendar in order for it to show up on Zwift.

Not sure if that was the case or not …

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Here is a thread with a step by step work around for the issue:

Thanks Lacey. I’ve actually switched to TR and loving it. All my on the bike workouts have synced across and working well. Must admit the spring intervals were a shock to the system today!

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