Zwift racing training

I’m currently running 18wks of SS and loving it :+1:. Talking to some of my Zwift teammates and they were asking which of the plans would be good for Zwift racing. Any thoughts @FRANK ? Have you thought of creating a specific Zwift race plan ? I think it would be popular :+1:

Awesome @local97strongman - we have a Zwift Indoor/Outdoor Plan.

ALL the workouts from all our intervals plan may be exported to Zwift. When you say racing - like Road Racing? Because in that case you’d want to do our road racing intervals plan for Zwift Racing. It has the 3 > 4 > 5 VO2 progression we talked about in yesterday’s podcast.

Zwift races are more like irl Crit or Cyclecross races from what i’m told

If you share the link to one of your race files from the TrainingPeaks public link, I’ll analyze and let you know

Hopefully this works.

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Pretty cool @local97strongman - from my analysis I see a more VO2 and Anaerobic power demands than true on/off crit style.

For example, what stands out to me the most is your 325 watts effort for 2.5 minutes (IF of 1.31) which is supra VO2 (1.05 - 1.20) so road intervals for sure.

Only if you start seeing effort sub 1 minute would you want to adopt a Criterium style of training. Conclusion - switch from your 18 weeks of sweet spot base to Road Intervals Race:

Thanks @FRANK ! I did grab the Corona plan, cause who doesnt love free stuff :clap::clap::clap:. I’ll try it out in September, just before Zwift fall/winter race season :+1:

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